The latest in Burberry essences, which are setting trends.

The perfumes Burberry They are created to transmit an air of luxury and the greatness of cosmopolitan cities through the skin of men and women. Her notes are always based on an appearance of elegance where fashion goes hand in hand with personality. So if you want to enjoy a delicious fragrance that helps you complement your look, then we show you a list of fragrances Most sold from the woody, floral and fruity olfactory family.

1. London with orange essence

Burberry London Perfume for Women features top notes composed of honeysuckle, rose and orange. The heart has soft chords fragrances such as peony, jasmine and tiare flower; it all ends in an aromatic cycle of patchouli, musk and sandalwood.

It is a floral fragrance that describes a casual woman, elegant and active. In addition, it has a wake and moderate longevity that fills rainy and cold days with heat, making it perfect for use during the fall.

2. Special edition Touch

Burberry Touch perfume for men has notes based on citrus aromas, bloom and woody which manage to transmit an air of power through a long-lasting weapon and a moderate wake.

It is a sensual and fresh fragrance that is perfect for night events, it also has rich contrasts that are designed to be worn during the fall and winter.

3. Burberry with peach and jasmine

This classic Burberry perfume for women has a composition made with sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, musk, peach and cedar. This combination of notes creates a lasting essence and moderate wake.

It is a fresh fragrance that is perfect to wear during any spontaneous outing with friends or shopping. Although the most recommended is to use it during autumn, so that a feeling of comfort and warmth of the home is always transmitted.

4. My Burberry Black

My Burberrry Black is a perfume for men with notes of rose, jasmine, amber, patchouli, peach and sandalwood which create long-lasting longevity and heavy wake It is perfect for winter.

It is a refined fragrance that no man should discard as it provides an air of prestige during any business meeting or formal event you want to attend.