Comfort throughout the day.

Do you suffer from foot pain when you return from work? There is a very simple way to remedy it: using insoles for shoes that help give comfort to your feet. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, flat feet or just want to add a padded layer to your feet, in this guide you will find the perfect insole for you.

1. Walk hero for plantar fasciitis

Is walk hero template It is made of rubber and fabric, and is ideal to put inside any shoe and use every day. Due to its shape and design, it is recommended for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or need a high arch. In addition, its heel cup helps minimize impact against the ground so you can walk or run comfortably.

With more than 5,000 reviews, is about the best-selling guide templates and they are available in various sizes for men or women, adjusting to the size of your foot. In Amazon, clients mention that they are perfect templates to use all day, especially people who must stand or walk for many hours. They claim they are one of the best insoles to relieve plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

2. Dr. Scholls Gel WORK

Of the brand Dr. SchollsThese templates are designed for people who work all day on foot or walking, especially on hard surfaces. They are men’s insoles with shoe sizes from 8 to 14 and can be adjusted by cutting the toe. Includes massage gel technology, which helps reduce the impact against the floor of the feet and keep you comfortable while you work. In addition, it has arch support and vents, which allow your foot to breathe during the day.

For his price less than $ 15These are some of the cheapest templates in the guide and have a high valuation in Amazon, with more than 2,500 reviews. Customers claim that these insoles have a great price-quality ratio, and because they are quite thin, they recommend using them over the insoles of your boot or work shoes.

3. Dr. Scholls for flat shoes

Flat ballerina shoes can be very comfortable to go to work, but can also cause great discomfort to the feet by not offering adequate support. To complement your footwear you can use these Dr. Scholls templates that with their fine and transparent design are adopted to any model. Made of gel, these insoles provide a more cushioned surface for your feet and help reduce impact against the ground when walking.

For his 20% discount, these are one of the cheapest templates in the guide with a price less than $ 10. In Amazon, are highly valued by customers, mentioning that they are very comfortable, although they are a little small insoles, recommended for people with size 6, despite the fact that Dr. Scholls indicates that they fit numbers from 6 to 10.

4. Superfeet GREEN with arch support

Made of high-density foam and a rubber base, these superfeet templates offer support for women or men. It features a high arch, a high heel cup and a thick design that ensures all-day comfort. They take up a lot of space inside the shoe, so they are recommended for shoes that can be removed from the original insoles. Due to its design, it helps reduce fatigue in the feet, ankles and knees, stabilizing your feet and adding comfort.

Despite being the most expensive, with priced below $ 50, they are highly sold templates and well valued by customers in Amazon. They mention that they are insoles with great support, that they feel very stiff and comfortable on the feet. Customers claim that they are easy to wear and fit well in any shoe, although they do make a little noise when you walk, and that they are also ideal for people with plantar fasciitis.

5. Dr. Scholls Foam Air-Pillo

In the Dr. Scholls Air-Pillo insoles We find a simple design, which serves to add a little comfort to any shoe. Its design is not focused on solving any foot problem, but only tries to add a padded and ventilated base to your shoes. Made of foam, this insole helps reduce impact against the ground while maintaining its shape thanks to technology Sure Grip Foam and it also helps keep your foot cool due to the vents it presents.

With a price less than $ 5, is one of the cheapest models in the guide. Within the comments in Amazon, generally positive evaluations can be seen, in which customers mention that it is a very economical model and easy to adjust to the size of your foot and shape of footwear, which adds comfort on a daily basis. They note that two templates come in each package, but that they are glued, so it may seem that there is only In addition, many clients use these insoles under other curved insoles they need, to add much more comfort and have a more fitting fit in their shoes.