“The bad way goes by fast.”

Discovering an infidelity can be one of the worst experiences that a person could have in his life. But, as a famous saying goes “better alone, than badly accompanied”; and for that reason “bad way passes quickly”. Although it can be a great pain to know if your partner is unfaithful, it is better that you listen to your intuition and find a way to discover if it is true or not.

To help you, we share some options of spy cameras that will help you obtain the evidence you are looking for, so that you can get out of doubt. Although we wish you all the best! And that nothing negative happens to your relationship.

1. Mini camera wireless spy:

Super Mini Spy Camera MHDYT. It is a small portable pocket camera (it is about thumb size with 0.87 inch, 0.7 oz cube). Which is perfect as a wireless camera for home security, or nanny camera, police camera, deck camera, spy equipment, pet camera to record photos and videos without people noticing.

The MHDYT minicamera comes with removable magnets and mirrors on the lens that are easily hidden so that the minicamera goes unnoticed. The magnet installed on the back of the micro camera that can be fixed to any metal surface, offers you a more comfortable installation method and makes it more widely used. It only records when it detects motion, making it easier to save storage space than other spy cameras. With a built-in 240 mAh battery, the body camera can work around 50 minutes after fully charged.

2. Clock with spy camera night vision:

East spy clock It offers you high-resolution video recording and sharp, clear photo capture. It has a 16 GB memory that stores more than 5 hours of video recording.

It is so discreet that it does not turn on any light when recording and it is very easy to use; you just press the button and record all the action. Then to watch the videos, you just have to connect it with the USB port to your computer.

3. Pen with hidden camera:

With 2.5 hours of battery life. Built with a 350 mhA battery. By pressing the top button, the camera will start and start taking videos, saving the video file in an inserted memory of 32GB. The video camera with pen is easy to hold and write, it looks more elegant.

This pen with camera is compatible with PC and Mac. Date and time stamps can be added as reference points in videos and images, making organizing your data very easy.