Do varicose veins bother you? Learn how you can treat and prevent pain.

Compression stockings can help prevent or alleviate symptoms of varicose veins in the legs. The stockings apply pressure to certain points on the legs so that the veins can push blood to the heart. Since varicose veins develop when the veins are weakened or injured and cannot transport blood to the heart, due to this, blood accumulates in the veins, dilating them and making them more visible.

Similarly, compression stockings can be very effective in relieving pain and discomfort caused by varicose veins. There are different types of compression stockings on the market to treat varicose veins. For example, compression stockings that go down to the thigh help to reduce the accumulation of blood in the legs. While knee-high stockings help reduce swelling and blood clots in the legs.

Before buying compression stockings, you should visit your doctor so that he examines your legs and can prescribe the best stockings to treat your condition. Because although you can buy compression stockings at many stores, they may not be as effective as those recommended by your doctor, or they may not efficiently treat your symptoms. In this article, I introduce you to some of the best compression stockings you can buy or consider with your doctor.

1. Laite Hebe Compression Stockings

Compression stockings Laite Hebe Compression They are one of the best sellers, as they provide support and relief, without restricting mobility. In addition, they are light, breathable and will not tighten the joints of the fingers. In the same way as they are made of “nylon” they dry quickly in the air.

In addition to treating varicose veins, these stockings can help reduce leg swelling, cramps, and foot injuries. The stockings come in different colors and styles, the price can range from $ 9.85 to $ 18.99.

2. Copper Compression Stockings

These compression socks They have copper fibers to activate circulation in the legs and provide greater pressure. Although the stockings have copper fibers they will keep your feet and legs cool throughout the day. The stockings have a compression of 15 to 20mmHg.

Furthermore, the stockings are flexible enough for the joints to move easily. The stockings gradually provide compression on the legs to reduce fatigue, pain, cramps and prevent injury. The price of the stockings can vary between $ 9.85 to $ 19.99.

3. DOTASI stockings

Stockings Dotasi They reach to the middle of the thigh, thus helping the blood to circulate correctly and varicose veins not to develop. The stockings are dense and have a special design so that they do not slide or curl. The compression of the stockings is 23 to 32 mmHg.

In addition, Dotasi stockings have a reinforcement in the heel area so that they do not break or wear. You can buy the Dotasi stockings for $ 13.98 and these come in different styles and colors.