The right design to balance your silhouette

If you have one wide back And this is uncomfortable because it makes you look less feminine, there are certain types of clothing with which you can highlight your attributes as a woman. This style of clothing is designed to highlight your body and give you a more defined figure, balancing your silhouette. Therefore, here we present you some of the best styles of dress for different occasions that will be very flattering for you.

1. Black dress of asymmetric cut


This is a V-neck asymmetrical cut dress. It has been made with a soft and comfortable fabric. Its design features long sleeves and a ruffle hem making it perfect for use on special occasions.

Its cut allows you to adjust it to your waist to make you look slimmer and create a balance that makes your back look less robust. A basic garment that can get you out of any trouble.

2. Garment loose with belt

It is a garment that stands out for its Red wine color and round neck design, ruffled sleeves and a belt that complements the dress. This garment has been completely made with polyester.

The design of this dress provides greater volume at the bottom and makes your body look more streamlined. You can combine it with different accessories and brightly colored shoes to create contrast.

3. Lightweight patterned dress Bohemian

Made from a combination of cotton and polyester fabric, this is a short dress with a youthful and fresh design. Its necks are round and it has a length to the thighs that makes it show off a style sexy and daring.

It is the ideal dress to wear on hot summer days. Will make you look splendid and very fashionable on any occasion. Its dark color decreases the size of your shoulders and creates a more defined figure.

4. Dressed in flared sleeves

It has been made with an elastic, comfortable and pleasant to the touch. It features a round neck design, two large pockets located on the sides and flared sleeves.

This design is available in different colors and patterns so you can choose the one that best suits your personality. It is a dress full of movement with a design that will make you steal everyone’s eyes.