Economical and functional products!

Are you looking for a accessory that is functional and economical? In this list we show you 8 options that serve for the cell phone or the computer, and that are perfect for you or as a gift.

1. Wireless charger Yootech

With a circular design, this yootech wireless charger It is perfect to place anywhere in the home or office. Just by supporting your cell phone, you can easily charge the battery and also works with wireless chargers that support this function. On its edge it has an LED light that indicates the correct charge, and then turns off so as not to disturb you.

This wireless charger is available in 3 color options, and has a price less than $ 10. It is one of the best-selling accessories, with more than 26,000 reviews in Amazon. This charger is compatible with fast charging and cell phone cases up to 4 millimeters thick.

2. Stick selfie and tripod Ubeesize

Of the brand UbeesizeThis is the ideal accessory to take photos on trips or when you are in a group on its tripod or selfie stick. When folded, it measures 17.5 inches tall so you can carry it in any bag or backpack, and it goes up to 51 inches tall to take photos from all angles.

This Ubeesize accessory features a 15% discount and it is made of aluminum, so it is very light. It has more than 2,200 reviews in Amazon and a very positive assessment by customers.

3. Portable charger INIU

An accessory that should never be missing in your bag or backpack is a portable charger, to never run out of battery in your cell ph East INIU device It has a power of 10,000mAh and two USB ports to charge 2 phones or tablets at the same time. It has a compact size of 5.5 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches and a very fine design.

Due to its size it is an external battery to carry in any pocket, bag or backpack. Its capacity can charge the full battery of a iPhone or Samsung up to 2 times. In Amazon, this charger has less than $ 20 And it also has a built-in flashlight.

4. Computer support Mind reader

If you want to comfortably use your computer anywhere, this Mind Reader tray is perfect. This product is compatible with computers up to 15.6 “and has dimensions of 11.12 x 14.75 inches. At the bottom it has a built-in cushion and the tray can be placed in 8 different positions.

In addition to being able to use this tray with different computers, you can also use it with tablets, books and more. In AmazonThere are different models to choose from, all hovering around $ 20.

5. Wireless mouse VicTsing

Although laptops are very comfortable, sometimes you need a mouse to work with more precision and freedom. East VicTsing model It has an optical laser and has 5 levels of DPI adjustment, perfect for design work. Its design is ergonomic, it has 6 buttons and a range of up to 10 meters.

For his 13% discount This VicTsing mouse is priced under $ 12 at Amazon and more than 30,000 reviews, being one of the best-selling products. You can find this mouse in several different colors and it is highly rated by customers.

6. Web camera Logitech

To have video calls from your computer with a good quality, this logitech camera it is ideal. It has a compact size and a lens that creates HD quality videos at 720 pixels and a wide image. It can take quality 3MP photos and has a USB 2.0 connection.

This Logitech camera has a great 55% discount on Amazon, so its price is below $ 20. Customers value this camera positively, mentioning that it has a good price-quality ratio and that it adds quality to personal or work video calls.

7. Camera cover CloudValley

With the increase in technology in our daily lives, so has our concern for security. Many people prefer to have their web cameras covered with a sticker, but this CloudValley product offers a much more elegant solution. It is of an ultra-thin aluminum design, with a sliding cover that allows you to use the camera when you want.

This is the cheapest product in the guide, with 25% discount and a price less than $ 10 in Amazon. With this product you get 2 camera protectors, which due to its size of 0.55 inches long can be placed on the computer and cameras selfie of tablets or cell phones.

8. USB ports Sabrent

At the bottom of the list is this computer accessory, which helps add USB ports to keep all your devices connected. In this Sabrent product You get 4 USB ports that feature individual on / off buttons, and an LED light that indicates how they work.

With more than 26,000 reviews in AmazonThis is one of the best selling accessories in the guide. Also has a price less than $ 10 being a very economic product and that can add USB ports to any computer.