With these Victoria’s Secret bags you can easily store your belongings.

One of the most popular accessories of El Secreto de Victoria They are bags and backpacks for their casual and youthful style, which can complement any look. The brightness and different shades of pink that many of these wallets carry make them very popular with young women.

If you want to get a Victoria’s Secret bag, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, since in Amazon You can find a great variety of styles at a low price. Because of this, in this article I present you the best Victoria’s Secret bags that you can buy for less than $ 35.

1. Victoria’s Secret Black Friday from $ 29.81

Without a doubt, with this sequin bag from El Secreto de Victoria You can easily store and transport all your personal items, since this bag is large in size. The silver sequins of the bag make it look very feminine and casual. In addition, the bag includes a small wallet so you can store your makeup or small items.

2. Victoria’s Secret Bling for $ 29.99

The sequins in red and pink colors make the bag Bling be very flashy and jovial. This bag also includes a small zippered wallet and inside it has enough space for you to accommodate countless things.

3. Victoria’s Secret Classic for $ 39.98

This bag El Secreto de Victoria You can use it for traveling or to go to the beach, since it is resistant and medium in size. The bag can be carried on the shoulder or you can use the removable strap it has to carry it crosswise. The main compartment has a zip closure and inside you can find a small pocket.

4. Victoria’s Secret Weekender for $ 29.99

If you need a bag to go to the gym or to travel, the bag Victoria’s Secret Weekender It may be the ideal for you. The bag is nylon and medium in size (22.5 ″ Length x 11 ″ Width x 11 ″ Height).

5. Angel City Chain for $ 37.89

Wallet Angel City Chain It has a very casual style. This wallet is medium in size and its main compartment is large enough to hold briefcases, laptop, books, etc. Inside the wallet you can find a zippered inside pocket to keep your small items organized.