What are the benefits of garlic?

Garlic is an excellent ingredient that has benefits for both men and women. It is said that if you consume it on an empty stomach, it can improve the complete absorption and with this obtain all the properties of garlic. For some it can be very strong, consuming a clove of garlic in the morning, an alternative is to take a capsule of garlic every day. Know the benefits of garlic on an empty stomach for your body.

1. Improves digestion and prevents excess acid in the stomach

One of the benefits of garlic is that it can improve digestion. What it does is that it controls gastric acids and helps food digest and absorb nutrients better. By controlling the acids in the stomach it helps prevent gastritis and that heartburn. If you already have gastritis, it is best to consume it after breakfast, this will help the food you eat not irritate your stomach.

Only consume one pill daily, this garlic supplement has 120 capsules this is why they will serve you for several months.

2. Controls cholesterol levels is a powerful antioxidant

Garlic can control cholesterol levels, as it helps purify and prevent bad cholesterol from being stored in the blood. Garlic is a antibacterial, antiseptic and a natural diuretic. It also helps to raise the levels of antioxidants in your body and with this it is able to raise your defenses and protect the cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems.

Having high levels of antioxidants also helps improve the structure of the skin. Well, it improves your regeneration. Garlic may have contraindications with coagulant medications, consult your doctor for further questions.

3. It is an excellent natural detoxifier that cleanses the liver as it is a natural diuretic

One of the benefits of garlic is that it is a natural diuretic, what it does is that it helps cleanse the liver and with this your health can improve and the nutrients and vitamins are better absorbed in your body. Garlic can also deflate, as it is a diuretic and prevents you from feeling inflamed.

Consuming garlic on an empty stomach helps you not feel bloated, inflamed and do not retain liquids throughout the day. These garlic capsules will prevent you from feeling that strong flavor.