Do you want to drink better quality water at home? With a water filter, you can remove metals, chlorine and microplastics from the mains water and thus enjoy much cleaner and healthier water. At home, a water filter is an investment that will help you save on the purchase of mineral water bottles and that will greatly improve your health. Check out 6 cheap options below!

1. Filter for tap PUR

Made of metal, this PUR tap filter It is installed directly on your tap and with a lever movement you can switch between filtered water and mains water. It has interchangeable filters that last 3 months and helps to eliminate more than 70 contaminants normally found in tap water.

This is the best selling faucet filter on the list, with more than 3,800 reviews on Amazon. This filter is priced under $ 50 and is highly valued by customers. They comment that it is very easy to use and install, greatly improving the quality of the water, although some customers found problems with the operation of the filter with water leaks.

2. Faucet filter Culligan

This culligan filter It has a very compact design, and has a filter that must be replaced every 2 months. Its filter helps to remove contaminants from the water, bad taste and bad smell.

With a price less than $ 25 on Amazon, this Culligan filter has more than 3,200 reviews and in general it has positive evaluations. It is mentioned about this product that it is very easy to install and that both the product and the filters are very economical. As a negative point, some customers experienced losses in this filter.

3. Faucet filter Brita

Of the recognized Brita brandThis filter reduces up to 60 water contaminants easily. It is installed on the tap, and its filter must be changed every 4 months. This product measures 5.28 x 4.8 x 2.26 inches and is compatible with many of the standard faucets.

This filter has a huge 45% discount on Amazon and priced less than $ 25. Customers mention that they are a product of good quality and durability, although customers recommend that you verify that this filter is compatible with your faucet, as some encountered problems at this point.

4. Filter for tap Brita

Another product of the Brita brand, made of aluminum and with the same operation as the previous one. It removes up to 99% of the most common contaminants from mains water and its filter must be changed every 4 months. Plus, it has a color indicator on top that will turn red when it’s time to replace the filter.

At a great 33% discount, this is the cheapest water filter in the guide with priced under $ 20 on Amazon. Customers comment that it is a quality filter and from the renowned brand, which is ideal for any faucet. However, some experienced compatibility issues, so it is recommended to check that before purchasing.

5. Filter for above the table Apex

In addition to faucet filters, there are also other types of filters that help you remove contaminants from water easily. This apex device It is a table filter, which connects directly to your water network and gives you clean water through its small tap. Includes several levels of filtering to remove all contaminants and a 1 year warranty.

Although this filter is the most expensive in the guide, it has a current 15% discount on Amazon. Available in various color and metal options, this filter fits the style of your kitchen. It has a very high rating and customers highlight this model which is ideal for those who want a functional water filter, but without having to install it on their tap. Although it takes up space on the table, it is very easy to install and is compatible with a wide variety of taps.

6. Filter with dispenser Brita

At the bottom of the list we find this Britta tabletop filter with dispenser, which can hold up to 1.13 gallons of water. With this filter, you can have a large amount of filtered water on your table or in your refrigerator without spending a lot of money on mineral water. Its dimensions are 9.67 x 13.94 x 5.19 inches and its filter lasts 2 months.

This is the best rated filter in the guide, with 4.6 stars on Amazon and also the best-selling, with more than 6,400 reviews. Its price is less than $ 35 and customers comment that it is an easy to use and place anywhere product, which helps save on water expenses in the family.