This is your opportunity to learn from past mistakes and become more aware of your money …

2020 is here! It is a new opportunity to start the year fresh and renewed, in all aspects of our lives … But especially, in our personal finance.

Now that the new year begins, it is your opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past and become more aware of your money and how you use it. And for this, an extra little help doesn’t hurt. I invite you to see the amulets that you must have with you to attract winning, having and saving more money $$$ in 2020, in conjunction with making the best decisions regarding this matter. In addition, we share the # Retodelas52semanas so you can finish next year with more than $ 10,000 saved.

Remember to place the amulets near the entrance of your house, or carry them with you always to attract prosperity to your life more strongly.

1. Tree of Money – Dragon pots:

East money tree It is formed with yellow citrine on a resin base, it comes in a dragon design at its base that means wealth.

The best place to locate this item is in your living room. It comes in a lovely gift bag, so it is ideal to give to your family, friends and even your coworkers.

2. Fish of the fortune:


It is a unique collectible amulet, made from natural sandalwood, and is handmade, This keychain of fortune is designed with the lucky fish, double money bag with Feng Shui coin charms.

You can use it as a pendant for your bag or keychain, these charms are very special since they attract good luck, security and abundance. Fish represents well-being, freedom and happiness.

3. Feng Shui coins with chinese knot:

Amulet for wealth and success. The coins Tied up they become a good luck charm to bring prosperity and fortune. You can use it in the kitchen and door knot, in your car, or on the walls of your home.

Take the opportunity to start the 52-week savings challenge:

If you start this challenge from the first week of the year, you can end the year with more than $ 10,000 in savings.

4. Green frog of Money – Feng Shui:


The frog money jade it sits on a gold ingot with a chain of copper coins to the rear, representing dignity, treasure, wealth and abundance.

All of its design is charming and has engraved details, which represents good luck in your career, business and personal life. It is an excellent choice to give to that special person or just for your own use.

5. Bag of money to include in your jewelry:


This is a accessory for use with bracelets Made of 925 silver. It projects elegance and is very appropriate to use on any occasion you wish.

It is so light that it does not even bother to use it, it is an ideal gift for when you wish prosperity to someone special in your life. You can clean it with a dry cloth to polish it and keep it shiny.