The best accessories for your day to day, for the best price.

With the constant advances in technology, we always find new accessories or electronic devices that are specially designed for our daily needs. However, these accessories are usually expensive and may limit our purchase. That is why this time we show you the best electronic accessories cutting edge you can get in Amazon by less than $ 20, and that they are perfect to give to a friend or to yourself.

1. Sync cable USB

It is a USB Type-C sync cable that offers increased conductivity and transfer with its aluminum plated contacts. In addition, it guarantees fast charge support and high-speed data delivery for use on your PC, tablet or ph It is available at a price of $ 8.99.

2. Wireless mouse with printed design

It is a mouse with 2.4G wireless transmission that allows a working distance of 10 meters. It is designed with silent click and with an anti-fingerprint finish that resists sweat, this provides a better sensation on contact with the skin. You can get it for $ 8.99.

3. Compact camcorder for cars

It is a car camcorder with a screen 2.4 inch Full HD, 170 degree ultra-large lens with night vision and G sensor that turns on when an impact is detected. Not forgetting that 8GB to 32GB storage memory allows you to automatically record and capture moving scenes. Its price is $ 12.54.

4. Stereo headphones 3.5mm

They are stereo headphones that have a 3.5 mm audio output, allowing compatibility with devices iOS, Android and MP3 / MP4 players. In addition, they are designed with a microphone and on / off button for you to use hands-free while driving. You can get them for a price of $ 7.97.

5. Sports watch with Bluetooth

It is a smart sports watch with a digital LCD screen that is capable of record your steps, distances traveled and calories burnedThis will help you set a goal in your exercise routines. Also, you can connect it to your smart devices through Bluetooth so that you receive call alerts, notifications, alarms and manage the sleep cycle. It is available at $ 8.99.

6. Dual port universal charger for cars

It is a universal car charger that is designed with two USB ports that are compatible with mobile phones. Technology that offers simultaneous charging of high speed and performance for you to take with you on every road trip. Its price is $ 1.39.

7. Wall charger with 3 ports

This wall charger with 15.5W output power, Allows up to 3 devices to be charged simultaneous. It has a compact size of 2 by 1 inch and you can get it in green, orange, pink, blue and black. It is available at $ 2.90.

8. Mini USB Fan For mobile

It is a mini USB fan with light design and safety blades They keep you cool on hot days of the year. It works with a 16,000RPM motor that is ultra-quiet, and whose power source is mobile phones. It is priced at $ 3.29.

9. Charging stand for Apple Watch

It is a charging stand for Apple Watch built with fluorosilicone rubber which is easy to clean and take wherever you want. Likewise, it has an integrated thread winder for a practical management of the USB cable. Its price is $ 13.03.

10. Headband Headphones with microphone

They are stereo headphones with microphone They have a 3.5 mm audio output, a frequency response of 20 –20000 Hz and a sensitivity of 91 dB ± 3 dB. They also provide a lightweight design so you can wear them for long hours without causing discomfort in the ears. You can get them at a price of $ 9.06.