An accessory that you should not miss on sunny days.

Count on Sunglasses It will never hurt, since beyond taking care of our eyesight from the sun’s rays, these will contribute a lot to our style, and depending on the design and color they will give you a look that will go from informal to formal. The brand Oakley It offers you a variety of glasses with different advantages that you will like very much, and for that reason we show you below:

1. Oakley: sunglasses with plastic frame and lens

The sunglasses have a plastic frame, plastic lens and non-polarized iridium. Fit is standard. With them, you will have a 100% UV protection coating, so they will be ideal for trips to very sunny places such as deserts and beaches.

2. Oakley: polarized sunglasses

With a frame of stainless steel Lightweight and durable, these sunglasses have a three-point fit that keeps the lenses in precise optical alignment that eliminates pressure points. With them you will have UV protection and ear muffs that will keep the glasses fixed when you are perspiring.

3. Oakley: non-polarized sunglasses

Sunglasses feature a plastic frame Polished black color and black Iridium plastic lens. They come in universal size and feature 100% UV protection coating. Perfect for you to take with you to the beach or to places with a lot of sun.

4. Oakley: Sunglasses with Vision Adjustment Technology

With plastic frame, plastic lens e unpolarized iridium, the sunglasses feature a three-point fit and a tension-resistant frame, plus they’re lightweight and durable. PRIZM vision adjustment technology and 100% UV protection coating will allow you to watch your favorite sports matches in the sun.

5. Oakley: sunglasses with vintage style

Sunglasses feature plutonite lens and they are not polarized. They come with a three-point adjustment that keeps the lenses in precise optical alignment, thus eliminating pressure points. They offer you superior UV protection, a stress-resistant frame and retro styling.

6. Oakley: sunglasses with case included

With plastic frame and lens, these glasses they are not polarized and they bring with them a case for their protection. They have a 100% UV protection coating, so your eyes will be protected from childbirth. They are soft and discreet in appearance, perfect for daily use.

7. Oakley: sunglasses with high definition optics

The glasses have plastic frame, plastic lens and polarized iridium. With them you will have a patented high definition optics (HDO), 100% UV protection coating, durability and comfort all day thanks to its light weight.

8. Oakley: highly durable sunglasses

With plastic frame and non-polarized plastic lensesThese sunglasses offer you all-day durability and comfort, a 100% UV protection coating, a three-point fit that keeps the lenses in precise optical alignment and High Definition Optics (HDO).

9. Oakley: stress resistant sunglasses

These sunglasses have plastic frame, plastic lens and Polarized Iridium and offer you durability and comfort throughout the day, superior UV protection that filters 100% of all UVA rays and tension resistant frame material.

10. Oakley: polarized sunglasses with maintenance kit

With plastic frame and polarized plastic lensThese sunglasses offer you a kit that comes with a one-ounce spray bottle, mirror, screwdriver / keychain, a folded microfiber cloth, and a case. They are unisex.