One of the main problems that the acne are the marks and scars that remain on our face. That is why taking care of our skin It should not end with the elimination of acne, we must also give it the appropriate treatment so that it can heal correctly and thus eliminate those annoying marks and scars. Take a look at the products that we recommend below and wear a radiant and revitalized skin.

1. Radha Beauty: 100% organic rosehip oil

Bottle of rosehip oil 100% natural and organic, 4 ounces and cold pressed. It has the power to rejuvenate, moisturize, hydrate and protect the layers of your skin. Ideal for face with demanding, dry and very damaged skin.

2. Humane: Cleansing gel to treat body and face


100% natural gel product, which acts as cleaner of pores on body and face. It works as an acne treatment, which seeks to eliminate bacteria accumulated in the epidermal layers. No parabens, fragrance, or animal testing.

3. AMBI: Fade cream for all skin types

2 ounce bottle of fading cream, which in turn contains sunscreen to prevent dark spots from appearing on the skin. This product is responsible for gradually lightening the skin layers until achieving an even and uniform tone throughout the dermis.

3. Aztec Secret: Indian clay for skin healing and treatment

100% natural product, which consists of a cleaning mask made from bentonite. This cold clay acts as a deep pore cleanser, thereby removing bacteria, acne and all excess oil from the skin layers.

5. Admire My Skin: Corrector and remover of skin spots


Treatment for melasma, which fulfills the function of concealer and remover of impurities on your skin. Helps lighten the layers of skin on your face, thereby fading blackheads, hyperpigmentation and melasma. Contains 2% hydroquinone, acelaic acid, lactic acid, and vitamin C.

6. TruSkin Naturals: Topical facial serum with hyaluronic acid


Collagen formula and serum with vitamin C, which also has hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to nourish the skin layers in a 100% natural way. No fragrance or animal testing. This product comes with a safe 90-day warranty.

7. Skincare Cosmedica: Anti-aging serum with hyaluronic acid

Bottle of natural and organic hyaluronic acid, which acts as an anti-aging serum for the skin. Improve the texture and shine of your face with an intense shine and natural moisture treatment. Effective product, even for those with sensitive skin.

8. LilyAna Naturals: Retinol-based rejuvenating cream


100% natural cream made from retinol pure. This product is responsible for removing excess oil in the pores known as acne, in turn slowing down the aging process. Ideal for face and eye area.

9. Tree of life: Organic Retinol Serum

Product made with 100% natural elements. East facial serum It is made up of 72% pure retinol, which helps to counteract the effects of aging, such as marks or blemishes, as well as to eliminate oil or acne that may accumulate on the skin.

10. THAYERS: Facial formula with rose petals

Natural formula and organic composed of non-alcoholic rose petals, witch hazel and aloe vera. Contains vitamin E and witch Hazel exclusive extracts. This product seeks to tone and hydrate the layers of your skin, erasing scars and also offering a soft rose scent.