An elegant and original way to receive gifts from your guests.

We know that the process of planning and decorating a wedding is very important, so if you want to leave your guests really surprised you can’t forget the card box for reception, which is a stylish and eye-catching way to receive congratulatory messages and gifts for new husbands. If you still do not have yours, here we show you the best 10 models you can have at your wedding party:

Wooden box with ornamental carvings

It is a wedding box with a hollow wooden design that measures 12 by 10 inches, which gives it capacity to store up to 255 cards. Without a doubt, it is a special place to store all the messages of affection and gifts in cash during the reception of the event.

Lined box with ribbon and diamonds

It is a square gift card box constructed of extra thick 4mm cardboard that supports up to 6 pounds of weight and it covers dimensions of 10 by 10 inches. In addition, it is a folding design with fantasy diamonds that you can also get in silver, gold and ivory tones to combine with your wedding theme.

3. Golden box with lace ribbon

Gift box with sturdy gray cardboard construction and gold texture that combines with white lace details and double-sided adhesive strips for easy attachment of accessories. It is a folding piece that measures 10 by 10 inches and can hold more than 100 cards so you can keep all the gifts in cash during the wedding reception.

Card box octagonal

Wedding box made of thick cardboard material with a special blank texture and an easy-to-assemble octagonal design with its side walls, base and lid. You can get it in two sizes that fit your needs, one 11-by-9-inch with 120-card capacity and one 11-by-7-inch with 100 cards.

5. Box with 3d hearts

This modern 10 by 10 inch box has a filigree print design and with two 3D hearts that is perfect for storing greeting cards and cash gifts during the wedding reception; Although you can also personalize it and use it on birthdays, anniversaries or graduations.

6. Box with intricate metal design

This exclusive card holder is designed with an intricate metal that combines with a gift bow of the same material and with a sturdy cardboard base. It is a unique and original way to present the gifts at the wedding reception or any other celebration.

7. Glass box with message cards

It is a box that has a glass construction with gold edges and a hinged lid that reaches dimensions of 6 5/8 by 4 inches; and includes decorated cards that measure 3 ΒΌ by 3 1/2 inches. There is no doubt that it is a versatile piece that you can customize to your liking and use in any type of event.

8. Wooden box with lock

It is a 10 by 10 inch wooden box that has a metal lock and a unique key to secure the lid. In addition, it is an attractive piece you can decorate as you like to include in your wedding reception and that guests can deposit their good wishes or gifts.

9. Box in basket shape

Basket-shaped box made of natural wood and a hemp handle that spans dimensions of 9 by 4 inches with a capacity for 60 or 70 cards. It is decorated by hand with beautiful calligraphy on the front and with real looking artificial flowers which gives a rustic and delicate appearance to the wedding reception.

10. Card box house shaped

It is a card box with a house design, built with seven boards made of PVC material that fit perfectly in dimensions of 16 by 17 inches. If you like, you can decorate it with flowers, laces or ribbons to achieve a finish warm and romantic.

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