An alliance of love for life.

The use of wedding rings it dates from a very old tradition, from the time of the Romans. Wearing it on the ring finger has been the symbol of that person being married and is also the symbol of the marriage alliance. Both women and men use wedding rings, but this time, we will show you the best options in wedding rings for mens at a great price.

1. Wedding Alliance Brushed finish

It is a tungsten carbide ring genuine, designed from two-tone contrast and brushed dome effect. It’s made with great workmanship and ready to slip on your finger for as little as $ 14.99.

2. Hoop Dark Wedding


Is a classic hoopHeavy and durable with excellent performance and scratch resistant. Its brushed matte surface and smooth high-gloss inner face give you elegance and comfort. Available to you for $ 18.95.

3. hoop Titanium wedding


It is a beautiful ring of matte finish, with 9 large pieces of cubic zirconia. It is wide and its fit is very comfortable, it goes beyond the traditional hoop thanks to its design with gem inlay. It’s at your fingertips for $ 16.99.

4. Matte Hoop with Engraved Center


Made from the highest quality and with a comfortable fit, with genuine black tungsten carbide. Inside the ring has an inscription engraved. This gem will be yours for $ 19.95.

5. Wedding ring thin


Wedding ring for men, made with high hardness tungsten carbide. It gives you a excellent performanceIt is scratch resistant and allows you to keep it for a longer time of use. Available to you for $ 14.99.

6. Ring Golden Classic

Wedding ring made with genuine titanium hypoallergenic and high hardness. Its fit is comfortable, never fades, is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. It is ready for you for just $ 8.98.

7. Ring Marriage to Zirconia


Is a modern ring double, satin finish and two rows of cubic zircons. It is constructed of titanium metal, durable and lightweight. It is hypoallergenic and available for $ 32.99

8. Hoop with Beveled Edge


It has a classic, resistant design and with a comfortable fit. This hoop gives you a durable and solid feel. It is made with brushed matte finish matte tungsten, special for you for $ 18.99.

9. Hoop with Rose Gold Line


Its width of 8 mm is perfect, made following a classic design, heavy and durable. Crafted with excellent workmanship that makes it sturdy and suitable for everyday use, especially available to you for $ 27.99

10. Wedding ring classic style


It is a polished tungsten ring, of high gloss classic. It is free of cobalt and is hypoallergenic, due to its hardness it must be laser engraved. It is a sturdy gem available to you for $ 16.95.