The 360 video cameras They have become a trend for being compact but highly efficient devices when capturing panoramic or wide focal field images or videos. With its powerful lenses you can capture the best shots at multiple angles and with a High Definition. If you have not yet dared to have one for budget reasons, here we show you 3 options of 360 cameras by less than $ 100 that are available to you at Amazon:

1. Samsung Gear 360

This powerful camera has two 180º lenses that allow you to take captures 360º panoramic in 4K definition. It is easy to hold and is waterproof, so you can take it with you on all your adventures.

It is compatible with all devices Samsung; even with Samsung VR, with which you can synchronize your videos and photos to see them in augmented reality. Take advantage of the current offer of only $ 99.99.

2. Insta360 Air for Android

With this camera you can take high resolution photos and videos and share them in streaming through your cell ph You can share the contents in real time and it is also compatible with Skype.

You can easily place this small camera on your cell phone and capture incredible 360 ​​shots in both photos and video. Is a practical and functional device for only $ 69.99.

3. Yuntab: 360 camera with HD video

Spherical camera with two HD lenses that allows you to make shots up to 720º. It is compatible with all smart phones and you can transmit your recordings and photos in real time.

An ideal accessory for your trips, outings or special moments. You will have access to a new photographic experience of the highest quality.