Prepare in time to save on what you need to go to the beach …

To save and get the best, you need to prepare ahead of time. The climate is already changing and we are planning the agenda of the activities that we will do outdoors, such as going to the beach.

If you are planning a beach excursion soon, something that should not be missing among your priorities is having a good beach umbrella at hand. Here we present the 3 best-selling models of Amazon for less than $ 50.

1. Parasol with anchor – RIO Gear:

This model It has a frame made entirely of steel and covered in cyan, blue and green polyester layers that protect you from 98% of UV rays. This model includes a drill type base that gives you much more stability on the sand.

Spend a vacation like no other and enjoy a quiet day at the beach, knowing that this sturdy umbrella will adequately protect your entire family from overexposure to the sun’s rays.

2. Parasol Sport-Brella:

An umbrella that has a rough made of resistant stainless steel and 4.5ml steel rods, all covered in polyester that helps to completely block the sun’s rays. This model It includes two closable side windows that give you much more clarity.

A beach umbrella with a novel design that gives you a fresh and well-lit space where your family can be protected from the effects of sunlight.

3. Multipurpose patio umbrella AMMSUN:

Available in a wide range of colors and designs, this 1.90cm beach umbrella is made with the resistant and light materials on the market which make it durable and at the same time easy to fold. This model includes its own duffel bag with handle.

A perfect combination of practicality and efficiency, you can find it in this model. The umbrella has a particular shape with which it is prevented from being misaligned or damaged by strong winds.

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