Keep your pipes and drains in good condition and improve their quality of use.

Sometimes many of the waste from our foods are thrown by pipelines of the dishwasher, and this results in them accumulating and covering them, causing serious problems in our home. To avoid collapse and blockages in our pipes, it is important to have a waste disposer, like the ones we show you below:

1. Garbage disposer Waste king


It’s a garbage disposal compact and light with all stainless steel components ground. It installs quickly and easily in your kitchen sink, and its dashboard is removable for easy cleaning.

It is activated by a wall switch, eliminating shreds quickly food waste as it runs. Its pre-installed power cord requires no electrical work.

2. Kitchen Plus: Food waste disposer

It has a continuous power cable thanks to a pre-installed power system. Includes a splash guard for easy cleaning. Its design is compact so you save space.

Fits most sinks, assembling is very fast from three bolt mounting, easy to install and assemble. Works silently so you can enjoy a moment of peace in your kitchen.

3. Waste disposal


It has an advanced high-speed motor. Rotates grinding powerfully and effectively, and is designed safely without blades with three tier technology so your drain is never blocked again.

Its casing high hardness and anti-corrosion is durable. Includes instructions for quickly and effortlessly assembling the disposer by yourself.