The incontinence It is a frequent problem that usually generates a lot of discomfort in the person who suffers from it. Many times this type of disease is commonly associated with people from advanced age. Today, there are treatments that help prevent and control it. Inside the market there are also items like pads that allow the patient to feel drier and safer. Here we present the 3 best models.

1. Pads Washable Incontinence

They are made of the highest quality materials high quality, these pads have industrial quality resistance. They retain good performance even after more than 150 washes.

A multi-layered game of comfort and protection against incontinence. The pad is made with a soft padding upper, a plush absorbent inner layer, a waterproof barrier and a non-slip bottom layer.

2. Drench Reusable Protector


Hypoallergenic and reusable incontinence pad that can be adapted to any model of bed, sofa or lift chair; This keeps them protected from moisture and stains. It offers the maximum absorbency and retentionIt can also be machine washed.

It is ultra soft and washableThe pad has 4-layer waterproof protection that keeps the sheets dry throughout the night. It is the ideal solution, as it provides softness and protection against moisture.

3. Bed Pad Urinary Raincoat


Its size extra big allows you to cover more areas than other pads and has an extra absorbent quality; due to its internal core that completely blocks moisture. It has four layers of protection and its design prevents edges from curling.

Protects the sensitive skinIts high-quality fabric and soft upper padding provide extreme comfort. It has a long-lasting design that can withstand up to more than 350 washes.