Whether you need to obtain some kind of information in a way discreet, or simply that you are an admirer of secret agents, A spy watch is an accessory that many of us wish we had. An efficient, technological team that will always go unnoticed. Take a look at these r optionshidden camera elojes and you will be ready to be a true spy.

1. Clock with Full HD camera for photos and videos

It is a mini smart watch with video camera, photos and audio recording. Admits loop recording and it has a built-in 32 GB memory card. It is very discreet and imperceptible.

It allows you to record high resolution video and has an impressive camera mode. his lithium battery Rechargeable is built-in and has a large capacity, so you can record for up to 90 minutes.

2. Camera Clock Night vision


It offers you video recording of high resolution and a sharp and clear photo capture. It has a 16 GB memory that stores more than 5 hours of video recording.

It is so discreet that it does not turn on any light when recording and it is very easy to use; you just press the button and record all the action. Then to see the videos, you just have to connect it with the USB port to your computer.

3. Sport watch with Micro Camera


It is an analog watch with a glossy black lacquer surface from high quality, compatible with taking photos and videos. The micro camera looks like a gadget, discreet and impossible to perceive.

his recording quality It has HD1080P video resolution, an impressive camera mode, 15-hour charge and its battery works to record 70-minute videos.