The key is to use them before you get sick to make them more effective.

With the end of summer and the changes in weather, we are all exposed to getting sick and getting the flu from The rise and fall of temperatures, the rain and then the sun, in short, with so many changes this season it is necessary to get our batteries started and prevent anything that makes us sick.

A good diet is an excellent basis for the well-being of your body, although it is also important to complement it with supplements and probiotics that help us strengthen defenses of the body and thus prevent us from getting the flu and getting sick. Check out some options below.

1. Effervescent drink Emergen-C:

Is formula supports the immune system provides vitamin C, vitamins B and electrolytes. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and does not contain artificial sweeteners.

The mixture of vitamins quickly dissolves in water; It is frothy, refreshing and caffeine-free, it is full of nutrients and antioxidants that will do your body good.

2. Supplement with probiotics Align:

Made with natural fruit flavors, they are great tasting gummies with a mix of prebiotics and probiotics to maintain a healthy intestine.

Recommended by doctors, thanks to probiotics more good bacteria are added to your digestive system, and prebiotics help to nourish the good bacteria located in it.

3. Chewy gummies Airborne:

Delicious chewy gummies flavored with citrus, mixed berries and grapefruit. Contains Vitamin C to support your immune system.

Containing antioxidants and an excellent source of selenium, this herbal blend includes echinacea and ginger, natural ingredients known for their beneficial health properties.