An elegant and seductive fragrance at your fingertips.

The perfumes they are part of each person’s personality, that’s why Calvin Klein has strived to provide class, presence and innovation in each of its fragrances. This is why this fashion house has always known how to understand and satisfy the demands of mens of all ages, so this time we recommend some of the best men’s fragrancesI know you can have for less than $ 50 and feel elegant and captivating at all times.

1. Eternity For Men by Calvin Klein

Eternity owes its freshness and sensuality to the combination of its output of citrus fruits such as lemon and bergamot, to the middle notes of prolonged florals, and to its sweet and mannered base that does not become cloying. Its price is $ 50.

This results in a classic summer perfume with a discreet and long-lasting aroma that allows you to wear it during the day while you go to work or go out with your friends.

2. Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein

Eternity Aqua is a lasting print fragrance It starts with aquatic notes and a fresh cucumber platter until it reaches a heart that reflects the elegance of lavender, and ends with a base of sandalwood, patchouli and musk. It is priced at $ 44.

It is a summer perfume with a masculine appeal that transmits elegance and freshness so that men of any age can show their casual side at any time of the day.

3. Calvin Klein: Euphoria Men

It is a fresh oriental fragrance It starts with a pepper and ginger cocktail, with the center of cedar leaves and black basil giving it the intensity it needs to stand out, and giving way to its addictive base of amber, patchouli, suede and redwood. It is available at $ 46.

This perfume with its intoxicating aromatic notes is ideal for young men who like to follow their instincts creating a sexy, spicy and seductive aura wherever they go.

4. CK One by Calvin Klein

CK One’s Calvin Klein is made up of fresh citrus notes tangerine, pineapple and lemon; soon it happens to a floral center that gives it the delicate aura; And it reaches a masculine base with the woody notes of sandalwood, musk, cedar and amber. Its price is $ 29.59.

It is a unisex fragrance with an avant-garde character created with a balance between dynamism, freshness and personality that makes it perfect to wear at any time of the year during the day or night.