A modern and seductive fragrance within your pocket.

Our tastes and preferences are developed and defined through our senses. That is why through sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell we can connect with emotions and memories from the past, and even associate them with specific situations and moments, which enhance our experience and make us decide what we like. And why not.

In this sense, the perfumes They are one of the main stimulants of smell, and their wide ranges of aromas and fragrances allow us to show our style, personality and preferences, and thus express to people around us what our interests are. They are products that have accompanied men and women since ancient times and always with the same purpose and purpose: to obtain a powerful and captivating fragrance on our skin.

And throughout history they have gone from being composed exclusively with infusions or distillates of elements of nature, until today, when the elaboration of each fragrance It is a mixture and fusion of diverse and contrasting elements, in special laboratories that are responsible for achieving the most pleasant fragrances with the longest possible duration on the skin.

Especially men’s perfumes are characterized by strong, penetrating and natural aromas, which provide a sensation of masculinity, confidence and security, It not only serves as a cover letter, it is also often a determining factor when capturing a woman’s attention, which has always been one of the main effects of men’s perfumes.

In the market there is a countless variety of options perfumes, with different characteristics and aromatic shades that allow you to provide the right image and presence for every occasion and time of day. And it is such a successful and versatile market that even the most famous international fashion brands have joined this category and have presented their own perfume lines.

This is the case of Christian dior, which has been an emblematic brand of fashion and masculine elegance for many years, and this is also expressed in its fragrances, especially designed for sophisticated, modern and seductive men, who know that when it comes to a first impression, a good perfume can always make a difference.

However, being products of such high quality and sophistication, they tend to be perfumes with a high cost, which can limit the market of their consumers. However, there are always good options for people who value good taste and quality, but at the same time seek to take care of their pocket.

That is why this time we recommend some of the best perfumes from the Dior house and that you can get for less than $ 100, so you can have the best of the elegance and bearing of these fragrances at a price within your pocket.

1. Intense by Christian Dior

Intense by Christian Dior is one of the perfumes in greatest demand among men in the world. It has been made with sweet hints of vanilla, lavender and Virginia cedar that makes it an intense fragrance that does not go unnoticed by any It also has light touches of leather and the woody that gives it softness and allows the perfume to last longer. Its presentation comes in a glass bottle with a spray dispenser that reveals the intense golden color of the liquid.

This perfume has a durability of more than 24 hours once it comes out of the bottle to your skin, because the strength of its aroma is as intense as its own name. Vanilla and sweet will accompany you wherever you go, captivating everyone with this type of perfume that denotes a confident and delicate man at the same time.

2. Dior: Sauvage

Perfume Sauvage It is one of the Christian Dior products with more acceptance among men for its interesting wood aroma combined with citrus and spices, with the presence of vetiver and amber that are the notes with the greatest intensity in its wake. It is a very woody warm perfume that gives you a masculine and sophisticated touch.

Its creators have defined it as a perfume that highlights the wild of nature with the lightness and freshness of an open space as elements of today’s man who moves between strength and delicacy when he is courting a girl. The American actor Johnny Depp is the image of this perfume, which characterizes a determined, independent and seductive man.

3. Fahrenheit from Dior

Presented in a glass jar evoking the sensation of heat and power of fire, the Dior Fahrenheit perfume was born in 1998 in spray format. The fragrance combines the aromas of the jungle through hawthorn, woods, cedar, sandalwood and some hints of balsamic that make it a warm and cold perfume at the same time, and denotes a masculine strength while still reflecting sensitivity.

This perfume invites men to have a free spirit but always ready to face any situation in the world with the characteristic serenity that the aroma transmits.

4. Dior: Dior Homme

This perfume is a classic among all of the Christian Dior brand. It comes in a glass bottle presentation that reveals the golden perfume and its lid is transparent. It is one of the most sought after by consumers as it is almost a masterpiece of perfumery. It has among its components iris, cocoa, leather, lavender, amber, cardomome and others that give it that woody touch and at the same time sensual for the man who uses it.

Critics claim that wearing this perfume it’s similar to wearing a fancy outfit, contemporary and sophisticated at the same time, which will make every man who gets used to it recognizable, in any space, always leaving an impression of exquisiteness among the ladies who will always notice it.