Recover the health and well-being of your damaged skin in a natural way.

Moisturizing creams They have many benefits for the skin: they keep it elastic, soft and luminous, which makes it look beautiful. Moisturizing creams help you smooth lines. expression and wrinkles, they recover the dermis and provide it with the water it needs, for this last option they are highly recommended when burns occur strong, as they restructure and soothe the skin from these conditions. If you are looking for a moisturizer that will help regenerate your skin and give relief, you We recommend these four formulas.

1. Cream for burns with lidocaine

This Medi First cream has been created with benzalkonium chloride 0.13% active ingredients that helps prevent skin infections especially in healing processes when there are strong burns.

This formula comes with a dose of lidocaine that helps relieve burn pain by acting as a pain reliever on wounds that you have on your skin. Get well soon and reap the benefits of a moisturizer.

2. Package burn ointment

This First Aid Only package is ideal for giving first aid when the skin has burns, because hydrates those affected areas. Contains 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride and 0.5% Lidocaine HCL to help prevent infection.

Comes in 9 gram packs It provides temporary relief in minor pain from cuts, scratches and burns. Remember that each medication should be consulted with your trusted doctor.

3. Gel that relieves pain and cool burned areas

This gel is an ideal formula for when there are strong burns on the skin as they provide relief and they give freshness in those areas that are burning. Excellent for cooking burns or hot water scalds.

This product contains all the Tea Tree Oil natural known as a natural antiseptic that relieves any pain. The gel is water-based and contains 2% lidocaine so that the wounds are not infected.

4. Plant gel first aid

This plant gel is triple strength because protects skin from burns, skin irritations, wounds and also the skin of the face working as a facial cleanser. Deeply hydrates the skin.

This gel for first aid protects the skin and keeps it immune to infection when it has open wounds. If you have burns, you will feel instant relief to make the healing process smoother.