The wallets They are par excellence the preferred accessory of every woman, since it gives them the possibility of complementing their outfit, at the same time that it works as a tool to carry all the belongings that you should have with you on a daily basis. For many women, they never have enough and are always looking for new pieces; but a good way to have more functional pieces that always combine with everything are the reversible wallets like the ones we show you below for less than $ 40.

1. Tote wallet boho style


It is an elegant reversible bag that is made with leather vegan synthetic of excellent quality. It has a magnetic closure and classic gold-colored hardware, includes a zippered coin pouch.

It’s enough big as to accommodate your mobile phone, purse, case makeup, personal hygiene items and even electronic devices such as tablets or laptops.

2. Set of handbag and casual wallet


It is a set of bags made of synthetic skin High quality, durable and soft to the touch. All the metals in the bag are plated in a fabulous gold color, the reversible interior has a deep red color that creates a contrasting appeal.

Perfect to be your companion in all your daily activities, both accessories have 2 handles that allow you to take them easily. You can get all your belongings in and out thanks to its double rope closure.

3. Faux fur wallet from great capacity


It is a stylish way to keep all your essentials at your fingertips. It has been manufactured with a careful manufacturing using the best quality vegan synthetic leather.

Includes a practical zippered bag to store your coins, and its spacious interior It allows you to carry with you in a comfortable and safe way all the belongings necessary for each day.

4. Vegan leather wallet and coin purse


It is a multifunction shoulder bag with a simple and casual design made with PU leather from high quality which makes it a soft and comfortable accessory. Made so that both sides have the same great capacity and resistance.

Contains 2 wallets which you can use together or as individual bags. No matter the type of occasion, with this wallet you will always look fabulous and very fashionable.