A good breakfast is never complete without a few slices of toast.

You like the toasts? Or do you just want to taste a piece of bread with butter or jam? If so, it is vital that you have one of the most useful kitchen appliances: the toaster. That is why you should not miss the models that we present below for less than $ 20.

1. Hamilton Beach: Toaster with cold walls

Toaster mechanics with automatic shutdown. This kit is compatible with thick slices and bagels. It has a chrome exterior and a shadow selector. Available in attractive red color.

Ideal option to prepare toasts in record time. Material resistant and high quality. You will not only have toast, but also delicious bagels on the spot.

2. Tdbest: Stainless steel toaster


Toaster made with stainless steel. It has multiple charging modes, plus 3 basic functions with a velcro bag brake. It has 2 1.2-inch wide slots, a detail that allows you to toast various types of bread.

Toaster resistant material, strong and safe. You can toast any type of bread that you want to taste, thanks to its comfortable and wide stainless steel grooves.

3. Cookmate: Toaster with 7 temperature levels

Toaster with grooves extra wide to facilitate the entry of all kinds of bread. Easy to clean and removable structure for greater comfort when cleaning. It has powerful level control from 1 – 7 Toast, such as fast bagel and cancel buttons.

This toaster stands out among the others on the market for its attractiveness and classic design in white. You’ll get high-quality toast for under $ 20.

4. Betty crocker: Two-slot toaster in classic black color


Toaster stainless steel in classic black color. It has two wide slots to toast different types of bread. In turn, it features a removable crumb tray and an automatic cancel feature.

Ideal model of toaster with 30mm wide slots. You’ll get some chef’s toast in minutes. Elegant design and easy to use.

5. Elite Cuisine: Cold touch toaster with wide slots

Model of roaster Elite Cuisine cold touch, one size fits all and available in black. This product features an extra wide 1.25 ″ size in slots for bagels and specialty breads. At the same time, it has a convenient option to cancel the function.

If you want to prepare delicious toasts on the spot, this model of toaster from cold touch it is ideal for you. Not only will you get a chef-worthy result, but you can share it with your family and friends at any time of the day.