The most efficient way to keep all foods at the right temperature.

Electric style heating trays buffet They are practical utensils that allow food to be kept at an optimal temperature at all times. There is nothing more annoying in a meeting than serving cold food, especially during events like parties or banquets. So if you are looking for the best food server to make your meeting a success, don’t overlook the products on the list below.

1. Piece for buffet with three trays

It is a buffet server built with three removable trays of stainless steel which holds up to 2.2 quarts. These include transparent domed lids with grooves to allow heat to cook over food.

Just put cooked food on trays to keep it warm throughout the party. It has a configuration that allows you to adjust temperature depending on your preferences.

2. Buffet server stainless steel

It is a triple server with buffet trays that is built with stainless steel and has a non-stick enamel. Each division has the capacity to store up to 3 quarts of food and has a knob to adjust the temperature.

It also comes with clear domed lids so you can visualize food without uncovering the trays. This system helps the food to always be at the optimal temperature.

3. Steel tray with non-stick glass

A wide and light buffet tray that is built with stainless steel on the outside, while its surface is made of resistant non-stick tempered glass. The design has two safety handles that allow you to place it where you need it.

A tool that reaches the optimum temperature in just five minutes and the black glass allows it to stay at around 95ºC for hours. It is ideal for parties or banquets in the garden.

4. Buffet system with two trays

It is a buffet-style server that is built with stainless steel and has an integrated spoon and safety handles that allow easy handling. It also has an adjustment system temperature for each tray.

It is an electric utensil that allows food to stay warm for up to three hours continuous. This feature makes it perfect for use at large events where large numbers of guests will attend.

5. Buffet server four trays

A stainless steel buffet tray that has a shape that makes it easy to clean. Its design includes four removable trays with transparent lids and safety handles.

It is an appliance that works with a setting of temperature that allows it to reach up to 257º F. The idea is that each tray remains covered so that the heat is conserved and the food is kept at the appropriate temperature.