An elegant and sophisticated fragrance, within your pocket.

Women are always in constant search of the best products on the market to see and feel beautiful and sophisticated; and one of our favorites is perfumes. A good fragrance will always be that touch of distinction and elegance that complements any outfit and that makes us stand out anywhere, as perfumes do Carolina Herrera that we show you below. The best? All are available at prices affordable to your pocket. Take a look and choose your favorite.

1. CH: Good girl

With a very elegant presentation in a bottle made with cobalt blue crystal, in the shape of a gold-colored heel, it has been designed and thought for the classic woman who loves to impose her femininity and delicacy.

The sweet notes of this fragrance come from tuberose with jasmine from Arabia and cocoa that make it sensual and mysterious.

2. CH: Carolina Herrera

One of the favorites among girls, this perfume has the notes floral with tuberose and woody with apricot, orange blossom, bergamot and rosewood from Brazil, as well as the heart notes highlights honeysuckle, tuberose from India, hyacinth and jasmine.

This is a perfume that you can Carry everywhere and enjoy its delicious aroma so that your presence is unforgettable wherever you go.

3. Carolina Herrera: CH

This fragrance has been created with the notes oriental floral, grapefruit, bergamot, tropical fruit and aquatic notes. Also jasmine, African orange blossom, cinnamon and rose tincture with citrus, woody and musky.

Carolina Herrera CH It was designed for women who are passionate about achieving all the goals in their lives. A woman determined to face any challenge will be able to wear this perfume that mixes sweetness and freshness in its fruit aromas.

4. Carolina Herrera: 212 NYC

Carolina Herrera 212 NYC is a fragrance that has some exquisite chords citrus, floral and white floral. It comes in a 100 ml spray design and the presentation is very elegant in silver.

You can use it in different spaces during the day and night, combining these aromas between citrus and floral, ideal for women who have super active days.

5. Carolina Herrera: 212 VIP Rose

This perfume comes from olfactory families such as woody, musky, fruit and floral aromas. Its aroma is also reinforced with champagne mix, peach blossom, white musk and amber. It comes in an elegant pastel pink glass bottle presentation.

Evoking New York lifeAs one of the cities in the world with the best vibes, this perfume will make you leave an unforgettable mark wherever you go in addition to a rich aroma.