Every woman must have a watch, since it is a piece that, in addition to being functional, contributes a lot to our everyday style. This accessory is a piece that combines with any of your garments and gives you the opportunity to manage your time more efficiently. That is why we want to recommend 5 of the best digital clocks Of the brand Casio, available under $ 50 at Amazon.com.

1. Casio: analog digital watch for $ 35

This Casio digital watch has a case coated with glass ore resistant; while its band is stainless steel. The box size is 33cm × 25cm × 8.6mm.

This model is equipped with a 3 year battery duration; In addition, it is analog style with three 3 hands that indicate the hour, the minutes, the seconds. The watch works with an accuracy of up to approximately 20 seconds.

2.  Casio: $ 22 Pink Dial Digital Watch

This watch is made with stainless steel and it has a rectangular pink dial with three hands movement. It also has a folding clasp and a double security button.

This piece is waterproof; but only in small quantities and brief dives. It is an accessory with quartz movement and analog system. Ideal for a casual look both day and night.

3. Casio: Gold Digital Display Watch for $ 49

This yellow gold plated digital watch has a case made of polycarbonate resistant, an acrylic glass and its back is made of stainless steel.

The Casio women’s watch that has a digital screen. Its design makes it a perfect accessory to wear in the office, business meetings or formal parties.

4. Casio: $ 28 waterproof digital watch

This digital watch is made with mineral crystal. It features a case with a size of 33cm × 25cm × 8.6mm and is equipped with analog quartz movement.

This piece from Casio is waterproof and is capable of withstanding dives of up to 50 meters. An exclusive and sophisticated accessory that combines perfectly with any look.

5. Casio: gold watch for $ 42

Casio presents an accessory with a box made in polycarbonate high resistance and a screen made with acrylic glass. Its back is stainless steel and has a gold color finish.

It is an accessory with a screen fully digital very easy to program. Its exclusive design adds a touch of glamor and class to any outfit.