Classic and sophisticated fragrances that every woman should have.

Do you enjoy using a fragrance sweet, soft and pleasant in your nose? The brand Chanel It is one of the most recognized worldwide for its sophisticated, classic and elegant aromas. However, the choice of our perfume must always correspond to our personality and tastes; that’s why this time we show you the best Chanel fragrances for flirty and delicate women.

1. Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle

Perfume for women in 50ml spray sealed in its box. 100% authentic. Its main chords are citrus, patchouli, white floral, sweet, roses and balsamic.

Coco Mademoiselle de Chanel is a fragrance of the oriental olfactory family floral for women. The top notes are orange, tangerine, orange blossom and bergamot.

2. Chanel: Coco

Fragrance Chanel coconut 100 ml. Its main chords are balsamic, warm spicy amber, sweet and powdery.

This perfume is a fragrance belonging to the oriental olfactory family spicy for women. Its top notes are coriander, tangerine, peach, jasmine and Bulgarian rose.

3. Chanel No.5

The most iconic fragrance of the Chanel brand. Its main chords are woody, powdery and floral. The ideal perfume for elegant and sophisticated women.

This fragrance belongs to the floral aldehyde olfactory family for women. His exit notes are aldehydes, neroli, ylang-ylang, peach and bergamot.

4. ChanelGabrielle

This perfume is presented in 50 ml spray and is for all types of women. This perfume is a floral fragrance containing ylang-ylang, tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom.

Its main chords are woody, white floral, musky, sweet, citrus and vanilla. Likewise, its top notes contain citrus, black currants, red fruits and peaches.

5. Chanel: Chance

Chance perfume brand Chanel, presented in 3.4 oz spray. Created in 2002, this fragrance combines a refreshing bouquet floral with stimulating citrus notes.

The main chords of this perfume are: citrus, woody, white floral, fresh spicy and musky. On the other hand, its top notes are: blood orange, grapefruit, (grapefruit) and citrus.