Relieve the discomfort of your skin with the help of these special soaps.

The eczema and the psoriasis They are skin conditions and can become more common than we imagine. They are similar in terms of their characteristics because they are manifested through patches or redness on the skin. One of the recommended treatments is to use soaps suitable that allow you to alleviate and heal injuries. Here we present the best charcoal soaps for the relief of these conditions.

1. Aspen Kay: Dead Sea soap


It is an organic soap free of chemicals and preservatives. Contains certified unrefined shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, organic sunflower oil, palm oil and castor oil.

You can use it as a facial soap, body soap, shaving soap, or hand soap. It helps you to cure acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. It is naturally scented with thermal grade essential oils.

2. Activated Carbon Soap and mud from the Dead Sea

It is made entirely with natural ingredients. It includes mineral mud from the Dead Sea, activated carbon, olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, goat milk and mint, and essential oils of rosemary and eucalyptus.

You can use it as a soap for your face, body soap or hand soap. It is a long lasting bar of soap that helps you with psoriasis, eczema and acne, and it is naturally disinfectant.

3. Keika: Charcoal Soap


It is a soap made with natural ingredients and specially formulated to be used in oily skin. Includes shea butter and is 100% vegan and natural for the care of your skin.

You can use it to cleanse your skin on a daily basis, especially the skin on your face. This fragrance free and with its completely natural ingredients it helps you restore health to your skin.

4. The Yellow Bird: Soap Activated Carbon and lavender


You will feel fresh and clean with the calming aroma of lemongrass and lavender. Two powerful essential oils that have antifungal and antibacterial properties. The best for your skin and environment.

Perfect for all skin types. Use it for your face, body and hands as an effective solution to eliminate acne, eczema and psoriasis naturally while keeping your skin hydrated.

5. Soap Tea Tree and Activated Carbon

Tea tree soap and natural charcoal is formulated with 7 healing ingredients such as oatmeal, rosemary, ylang ylang, citrus peel, and lavender. This natural blend helps you combat impurities in your skin and heal it.

It is antibacterial of natural form. It also helps you reduce dark spots, redness and relieve itching. Its combination of natural ingredients and pure natural oils protect your skin.