If you want to have a rich scent on your skin, and you are thinking of buying a perfume, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars. There are cheap perfumes for women they have an exceptional aroma. Although they are not from the Chanel, Gucci or Versace brand, these 5 perfumes will not disappoint you, ideal for any type of woman.

1. Clinique: a summer breeze on your skin

A brand for skin care that has its fragrance and does not disappoint. This perfume has notes of tangerine, cucumber, water hyacinth, carrot, sandalwood and white wood. Do not think that having vegetables will be a bad aroma. It has a fresh scent, perfect for use in the summer.

This perfume is 100 ml. Buyers have been praised for this fragrance, preferring wear it for the day. Apply it on the wrists, neck and neckline so that the aroma lasts longer.

2. Philosophy: scents to enjoy day and night

This cheap perfume for women is perfect for those who love a citrus scent, but also flower. It has notes of jasmine, rose, grapefruit, tangerine, musk and bergamot. Ideal to use during the day or on a romantic night. Always apply the perfume on the wrists, chest and neck.

Buyers like it, as the scent lasts for several hours on their skin. It is a perfume that contains 60 ml. A fragrance with 4.1 stars.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker: for the big city woman

A cheap perfume that smells amazing. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has a wide line of fragrances. This is one that people liked the most, because it is an aroma musky, floral and a little woody. It has notes of lavender, patchouli, white amber, orchid, narcissus and cedar.

It is a scent that enjoy no matter The time. You can apply it for work or for an outing with friends. Some buyers have long had the scent on their skin, but others have to apply a little longer, for the scent to last.

4. Jennifer Lopez: sweet and fruity for sunny days

If you are one of the women you prefer a sweet, caramel and fruity aromaYou will love this one from JLo. A fragrance that has the aroma of vanilla, caramel, Sicilian lemon, pineapple, sandalwood and peony. A perfume to be used on a summer or spring day, as it is an aroma that is enjoyed in the rays of the sun.

A perfume that contains 100 ml. Many women have loved it and consider it their favorite perfume. This fragrance is 4.5 stars and 81% satisfaction.

5. Beyoncé: an empowered scent for the day

This perfume created under one of the most popular and powerful singers on stage. Beyoncé has this perfume for women that has notes of peach, magnolia, orchid, musk, almond, amber and peach. It is a perfume for women that they like sweet and fruity.

Buyers liked it a lot, as they say that lasts long enough for the day, it smells delicious and they prefer to use it in autumn and spring. A women’s perfume with 4.1 stars.