Our bedroom is the special place to offer you a quiet environment where we can get rid of the anguish and stress of the outside world, but this fundamental pillar is not satisfactorily fulfilled when you have little space and everything is disorganized. This problem intensifies if you are passionate about shoes and you have no place to keep them. When this happens, the alternatives are usually the storage in boxes, under the bed or stacked in the closet; But this is not the most effective solution if you are looking to take advantage of the little space you have.

For this there are furniture They are specifically designed to organize your shoe collection, optimize the place and make the most of the space you have available. Their compact designs They are always one of the best options, since they come personalized according to your needs, adapt to any space, maintain order and match the decoration of the rest of the room.

But not only that, these organizers They are also perfect for you to distribute your shoes properly by size, color and design according to your preferences. And is that the main idea of ​​this type of clothing is to encourage you to take them out of their boxes so that they are scope from your hands when you decide to combine them with your different outfits.

A good solution to these space problems can be using the closet, but normally these are always full of objects such as your clothing, hygiene products, bedding, books and many more personal items. For this, you can choose an organizer pendant that you can suspend from a bar. This is a piece that is extremely comfortable, small, easy to install, and in which you can store other items of your choice.

There is no doubt that opportunities The organization that these products provide you are infinite so that you make the most of your spaces without seeing yourself in the need to get rid of your precious shoes. Another point that they have in their favor is that they are pieces minimalist and creative They fit anywhere like your bedroom, hallway, living room, front door entrance, or hallway. No matter what you use them or where you place them, what is certain is that they will keep your favorite accessories well organized and always at your fingertips.

So if you keep reading, you will find 5 options so you can organize your shoes in the best possible way with the system that works best for you comfortable and without much effort.

1. Vertical organizer of wood

It is a wooden organizer resistant Easy to clean, it provides a clean look that goes well with contemporary decor. It comes with a compact 7-tier vertical design that ensures your shoes stay organized. Its total dimension is 11 by 44 inches.

Being a piece with an open structure, it gives you the opportunity to classify your shoes by color so that you can create a more aesthetic environment. Although it is also a multifunctional piece that you can use as a shelf to store your books, towels, plants, DVD, among others. So this shelf is more than welcome because it adapts to any area of ​​your home, especially if you live in a house or apartment with very small spaces.

2. Structure of antioxidant metal

It is a compact shoe organizer that is made with metal posts rust resistant and with a black finish. This comes with a design that is distributed on four shelves with racks that turn out to be very light, resistant and easy to mount. Its dimension is 19 by 27 inches.

It is a piece with a minimalist design that fits perfectly in small spaces such as inside the closet, behind the front door, on the porch or under the stairs. In addition, you can buy more than one for you to stack them and have even more space, in this way you will have all your shoes at scope from your hand and without being scattered all over the floor of the room.

3. Furniture organizer versatile of wood

It is an organizer made of wooden boards MDF, material that is easy to clean and waterproof. It has a 5-level design in which you can store up to 12 pairs of shoes in dimensions of 30 by 32 inches.

It is a piece of furniture where you can store your collection of heels, ballet shoes, trainers and boots so that they are kept tidy and organized at all times. You can use it to optimize the space of Your room or anywhere else in the house like the hallway, living room, or front door. But not only this, it is also practical and works as a complement to achieve a more minimalist decoration in the bathroom if you use it as a shelf where you can store towels and toiletries.

4. Pendant shoe closet

It is a hanging closet organizer that is designed with 10 compartments covered with breathable polypropylene, allowing your shoes to stay cool and well aerated. It also comes with 10 mesh pockets on the outside for you to store accessories like scarves, belts or socks. Its dimension is 51 by 54 inches.

It is a piece that features a sturdy swivel hook made mainly of stainless steel that has a turning capacity of up to 360 degrees. It also has a sturdy construction with reinforced seams which are protected with white piping. These features ensure that it easily holds onto any closet bar and can support the weight of your sneakers, flats, heels, loafers, and slippers.

5. ORhanging organizer for doors

It is a mesh organizer for vertical surfaces It is distributed with 12 pockets of 8 by 6 inches each, enough space for any style of footwear. In addition, it has a total dimensions of 13 by 58 inches so you can hang it comfortably on the door of your room without the need for tools.

But before you start organizing your shoe collection, it is important that you separate the ones you use most frequently so that you have them at your fingertips every time they change your look. Because it is well known that footwear can become the weakness of many people. So if you have very little space for a conventional shelf, this may be the ideal solution to provide your room new dimensions.