The ideal tool for houses with little space.

Within our home It is necessary to use household appliances and devices that facilitate our day to day, and one of them is undoubtedly the washing machine. There are different models, with specific characteristics and functions. However, this time we present you the best compact washers available to you and best of all, is that you can buy them at a great price.

1. Pyle: Mini Washer – Dryer


It has a convenient top loading system. You simply insert detergent and water into the washer combo. It has a 250 watt high power motor and 77 pound capacity.

The dryer It features 120 watt power and a 33 pound capacity. You do not need to install it, you just have to take it out of the box to use it without the need for special parts or pipes. It’s within your reach for just $ 135.

2. Super Deal: Compact Portable Washer


It is the most double tub washing machine small and light Available, simply clip on to your kitchen faucet and is ready to use. It is perfect for washing small loads quickly and efficiently.

It is equipped with configurations of timer control separate for washing machine and centrifuge operations. It is designed to withstand any laundry additive and will be yours for $ 64.49.

3. Zeny: Mini Compact Washer


A tub for a excellent wash and a second tub for the spin cycle to help dry clothes. Its compact size is perfect for houses with limited space.

Designed to be easily moved to any location you want, it is smooth, silent and without vibrations. It is the perfect choice for anyone and will be yours for $ 93.55.

4. Washing machine Portable with Mini Bathtub


Total washing capacity is 10lbs, you can wash and spin at the same time. Its easy operation allows you to simply load your clothes, fill it with water, set the timer and start washing.

Compact but with the capacity of a decent load of clothes, you will be surprised by how clean everything is. It is easy storageIn addition to saving space, it allows you to save money.

5. Giantex: Compact Washer


The design of this washing machine has a washing timer, wash selection and separate spin timer. It is roomy and holds 16 pounds for each load of use.

You can see the wash through the lid and stop filling the water by yourself. With the handles on both sides you can move it easilyIt is quiet and saves you space and money, available for as little as $ 114.99.