If you have diabetes, these socks can help you avoid injuries and ulcers.

One of the most common complications that diabetics suffer is the development of ulcers and foot infections. To avoid this type of complications, it is important that diabetics take care of their feet, since if a foot injury is not treated properly, they could risk amputating the affected area or the entire limb.

Likewise, many diabetics usually suffer from diabetic neuropathy, suffering from cramps, numbness and deformations in the feet. Because of this, I present below the best stockings that diabetics can use to avoid injury and alleviate the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

1. Debra Weitzner Stockings for $ 14.95

Stockings Debra Weitzer They are comfortable and breathable, as they are made of 90% cotton. The benefits of these stockings is that since they do not have an elastic band on the top, they do not squeeze the legs, thus allowing the blood circulation to flow naturally. Debra Weitzner Stocking Package Includes 6 Pairs Per $ 14.95.

You can buy this pack in different colors like black, gray or white. Debra Weitzner stockings are some of the best selling and most popular in Amazon, currently have a 4.3 star rating.

2. Doctor’s Choice for $ 15.99

Stockings Doctor’s Choice For men they have a kind of heel cushion to avoid blisters, injuries and ulcers. Similarly, these socks absorb moisture to prevent fungus from developing on the feet. The design of these socks can give you a lot of comfort and avoid numbness in the feet, because they do not squeeze the legs and they have no seams.

The Diabetic Stockings Pack from Doctor’s Choice It costs $ 15.99 and includes 4 pairs. These averages have a 4.6 star rating in Amazon.

3. Yomandamor for $ 15.88

Stockings Yomandamor for women are made of 80% cotton and have no seams or elastics. In this way, the stockings are comfortable, breathable and do not restrict circulation. Similarly, to provide greater comfort and avoid injury, the stockings have a bulky seam on the front. The stockings package Yomandamor Includes 5 pairs for $ 15.99 and you can buy them in black, gray or white.

4. Silky Toes for $ 13.99

Similarly, stockings Silky Toes for women provide comfort and reduce the risk of infections or blisters on the feet. Silky Toes stockings are made of 80% cotton to absorb moisture and keep feet cool. On the other hand, the stockings have no seams so as not to restrict the blood circulation of the legs. You can buy Silky Toes stockings in various colors such as: pink, cream, wine, blue, etc. You can buy Silky Toes stockings in packages of 3 or 6 units, from $ 13.99.