A practical and fun way to beat traffic in the morning.

For those who think that scooters they are only for children, in this article we will demonstrate the opposite. Currently there is a wide variety of electric models specially designed for adults and which are a potential alternative for trips to the office or for short distances. Is a way compact, economical and efficient avoiding traffic while having fun. Take a look at these models and bring out your inner child.

1. Electric Scooter Razor E200


With a high torque chain motor and ultra quietIt features a practical rotary grip throttle, high performance motor with speeds of up to 12 mph and up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

Count with one back brake Manual, spring-loaded kickstand and large 8-inch tires for a smooth ride. Supports up to 154 pounds of weight.

2. Compact scooter Razor Power


Its characteristics design and technology Core power, gives you 2 times more driving time and 50% more power than previous models. Speeds up to 10 mph with up to 80 minutes of continuous use.

It does not need maintenance, without alignment, without chain and without tensioner. It features a starter, high torque hub motor, push button throttle and hand-operated front fender brake.

3. Scooter Pulse Performance


It features an 80-watt chain motor and speeds up to 8 mph, a thumb-operated throttle with Push-To-Go technology easy to use and rear foot brake as an added safety feature.

Your system rechargeable battery 12-volt allows you to have a continuous trip of up to 50 minutes, resists a weight of up to 120 pounds.

4. Scooter Electric Costzon


It is designed with a steel frame of high resistance, provides additional durability and stability. Although the speed reaches up to 7.5 mph, it is adequate to drive safely.

It is a tool of ideal transport for students, running errands, sightseeing or just getting around your neighborhood.

5. Electric Scooter Power Core


Lighter and more efficient, the core technology of maintenance-free power offers 50% more driving time and gives you up to 60 minutes of continuous use.

It comes with a pneumatic rim on the front wheel and a flat rear rubber rim for a smoother ride and a greater traction. It is recommended to support up to 120 pounds of weight.