An accessory for your home at a price that fits your budget

The floor lamps They are furniture that adds a very refined touch to the decoration of any space. A lamp is a great option that brings much more light to your spaces while allowing you to add some depth to the decor. If you are considering the remodeling of any space in your house, pay attention to the following five floor lamps available to a Accesible price.

1. Lamp 100-watt shelf type

A modern three-tier shelf that gives you a perfect area to store and organize various of your belongings. In the upper part it has a lamp of 100 watts and a linen screen.

This luminous shelf is perfect to place your photos, decorative objects and even small plants. Your lamp has a light soft and warm that will make your space more harmonious.

2. Vintage design with gold finishes

A 100-watt lamp with a 220-volt dimmer that is 14 inches in diameter by 60 inches tall, an ideal size for adapt to most environments. It has a resin base with beautiful and refined gold finishes.

A refined piece, easy to use and that has the ability to satisfy all your personal demands regarding the design and distribution of the spaces in your home. The fine bronze and gold finishes are striking elements that make this lamp a one-of-a-kind piece.

3. Modern style with led lights

It is a modern 70-inch foot piece with a light that has 40,000 hours of useful life and an energy-saving system. It has a capacity of 3000 K and its bulb emits a light white and warm that gives it that homely touch that you like so much in your spaces.

A safe and stable piece of furniture that adds a lot of style to the decoration of your home. The highlight is its high capacity and durability, as well as its efficient energy saving system that allows it to operate efficiently without consuming much electricity.

4. Four-level LED light brightness

It is a LED light floor lamp with four brightness levels that adapts to the temperature of the bulb. It is fully adjustable, adjustable and adapts to any type of space such as bedrooms, living rooms or open spaces.

Its design provides a energy saving considerable so you can enjoy freely without worrying about the electricity bill. You can have control of colors and brightness in your hands thanks to its easy to use brightness system.

5. Lamp with side light for reading

This floor lamp has a side light for very practical and intense reading. Its design is black color and the lights have an intensity of 150W with refined and elegant finishes.

This lamp will be a beautiful combination to place in your living room or bedrooms. Also, the side reading light is a perfect option for those who enjoy a good book just before going to sleep.