Products that will leave a pleasant sensation on your skin

Coquetry is part of our femininity as women, and we manifest it at all times when we want to stand out for our natural attributes and cover our skin with a pleasant smell. The fragrances they are an essential part to complement our style and make us stand out from the crowd. So if you want to impregnate your skin with a high quality perfume, pay attention to the following splash for after the shower.

1. Reb’l Fleur with aromas of flowers and berries

A delicious fragrance that comes in a cute glass jar Limited edition with splash mechanism so you can easily apply it to your entire body. Its presentation is gold with a black bow throughout the center.

A unique essence that is composed of a combination of fruit aromas such as peach, peach, plum with red berries and some notes of tuberose, violet, coconut and Jamaica flower.

2. Pink’s El Secreto de Victoria

Available in a cute pink bottle that makes a direct reference to your name “Pink”. A splash type fragrance for a better application on the body and that has a very comfortable size that will help you take it everywhere.

Enjoy its blend of essences from the flowers and fresh palm leaves. Its base of magnolia and bergamot make it a super fresh splash and that will make you feel cute, daring and energized.

3. Velvet Petals with flower essences

A perfume composed of delicious aromas They are contained in a glass container with a beautiful floral design that reveals most of the ingredients that make up this fragrance. Available in a 250ml presentation that you can always carry with you.

A post-shower splash that is made with essences as intense as almonds and sandalwood that will definitely leave a trail of scent everywhere you go.

4. Essence Xoxo for after the shower

A fun perfume that comes in a 236ml presentation that has a nice design and a mix of colors like pink and violet that serve as the background for a design of stars that embellish the presentation of this splash.

Xoxo My Love It is an irresistible fragrance that you will want to take with you everywhere. Its ingredients provide an intense aroma that will make you feel fresh and very safe.

5. Fragrance with smell of vanilla

It is an aromatic fragrance in splash format that leaves a pleasant vanilla aroma on your skin that will last throughout the day. It comes in a 236ml container that you can comfortably store in your wallet to take with you wherever you are.

A smell long lasting that will not go unnoticed easily. This splash is an excellent option to add to your bathing ritual, since its distinguished perfume that will give you an additional sensation of freshness.