A sensual intimate garment available in large sizes.

Looking and feeling beautiful is one of the greatest pleasures of all woman flirty, who loves to look good on any occasion. However, it is not a secret that is sometimes a bit complicated, especially when they are limited to using certain clothing. But as everything has a solution, this time we share five types of girdles for plus size girls that will shape your figure and make you look spectacular.

1. Girdle type camisole Withouth stitches


This cute camisole type girdle works as a compression garment that helps shape areas such as the stomach, wind and back. This ready made with a combination of nylon, spandex, viscose and tencel that give it elasticity and resistance.

Its strips make a rear cross giving you a more solid fit while still allowing plenty of mobility. The camisole has Outlast technology that removes heat from the body to prevent excess sweat.

2. Shirt girdle elastic

Made with nylon, spandex and microfiber fabric that make this garment a garment strong and elastic that adapts with extreme ease to your body.

With this shirt with compressive properties you can compress and disappear those rolls around the belly, abdomen and back. Its design allows it to be used even as a top with jeans or leggings.

3. Pants compression shorts

This girdle is ideal for shaping the entire lower body and better defining areas such as the belly, buttocks, legs and crotches. They are made with spandex fabric and do not have central seams. Its threads are soft on contact with the skin.

This pants-style girdle is available in colors such as black and skin brown. Provides comprehensive support with some release gradual pressure so as not to be uncomfortable or reduce your mobility.

4. Suit molder high waist

A full body girdle that will be useful to shape your entire figure. Its design provides complete control from the torso to the ankles. It has no seams and is made with a light material that makes it invisible under clothing.

It comes available in colors black and brown, that you can use with any type of clothing. It is ideal for when you want to wear a dress with a waist adjustment.

5. Full girdle with bare back

A molding belt that allows you to mold the entire area low and high of the body. It offers extra firm control to soften the back, shape the crotch and help slim the belly, waist, hips and thighs.

It has a nice design on the back that allows it to be used with low-cut dresses or blouses. It is perfect to wear it with dresses short and long or with low-cut pants and shirts. The garment is available in black and beige.