A garment to shape your figure discreetly

The girdles They are garments designed to shape and slim the problem areas of the body; however, when choosing one it is important that they have a design that is not noticeable under clothing. The solution to this problem is girdles plain stitching that fit your figure like a second skin. Therefore, here you will find five designs for women plus size that they can use with any garment.

1. Girdle with type design shorts

This girdle has a shorts design with lace details on the edges and a front zipper. Its design includes removable straps and an opening in the crotch that makes it easier to go to the bathroom.

It is a garment that fits your hips and waist, to give a more defined shape to your figure. It also has no seams, allowing you to wear any tight outfit without being noticed under your clothes.

2. Style of thick straps

A girdle that is made of nylon, elastane and lycra, soft fabrics that absorb moisture and keep you cool throughout the day. Its corset style design is open bust and thick straps.

A piece that gives you firm control in the abdominal area to make you look like an attractive hourglass figure. Another advantage is that you can use it throughout the day without causing discomfort or being noticed under your clothes.

3. Design with soft seams

A girdle available in plus size sizes made with nylon and elastane, two fabrics with soft seams and comfortable in contact with the skin. Its design is cut above the knees and includes a closure Pull on which makes it easier to place.

It is ideal for compressing and shaping the middle area of ​​your body while reinforcing your natural curves. The garment has lineless edges on the legs that prevents it from being marked under the clothes.

4. Compressor type garment panty

It is a panty-shaped girdle that is made with nylon and elastane, two fabrics that provide much firmer control. Also has silicone edges on the inside to allow a much more secure fit.

It is a garment with a central seam that provides comfortable control on the abdominal area, while shaping the buttocks without marking under any of your clothes.

5. Girdle with cut up to the thighs

This girdle with fabrics of nylon and elastane It is breathable, which at the same time has a texture that is very pleasant to contact with the skin. It features a mid-thigh cut design with a lace hem and a high waist.

It is designed to flatten the abdominal area, mold thighs and lift the buttocks naturally. These characteristics make this girdle a good option for you to wear with tight pants or off-the-shoulder dresses.