A modern and striking fragrance at your fingertips.

Wear a good fragrance they make us feel seductive, beautiful and more attractive, which makes us improve our mood on a daily basis; In this way we move with more confidence and feel ready to face the challenges of our routine. There are many perfumes with exquisite fragrances to choose from in the market, but in this edition we present you five of the best perfumes of the house Guess, that you can enjoy without having to spend a lot of money.

1. Guess Girl

This fragrance has a floral aroma, it comes in a transparent bottle with a pink flower cap that adorns it a cute black bow that gives an elegant touch to the presentation.

The aroma of this perfume has sweet notes They evoke raspberry, melon and bergamot, as well as sandalwood and vanilla. With Girl, you will leave a rich aroma that will make you unforgettable.

2. Guess: Guess for women

This perfume launched on the market in 2006, comes in a presentation with an elegant bottle in gray and the unmistakable symbol of Guess in the center in pink, which gives it an original style.

The fragrance is composed of a floral olfactory family of magnolias, jasmine, lilies and fruit citrus such as strawberry, orange and bergamot that give it a delicious touch to your personality, Wherever you go.

3. Guess By Marciano

This perfume comes in a very vibrant presentation with an intense golden color like the rays of the sun, which hit the market in 2007 and brings with it the vibes of wealth.

With a glamorous image, this perfume has scent notes of musk, vanilla and woody. It is ideal for people who have a relaxed lifestyle.

4. Guess I will give

Wrapped in a clear glass bottle with a pendant reminiscent of the Guess perfume house, this fragrance has seductive chords which offers a very daring aroma.

The protagonists in this perfume are the notes of flower of the cactus, wild rose and jasmine that complement them with musk and warm woods.

5. Guess nineteen eighty one

This perfume has been designed with a transparent circular glass bottle that reveals the pink fragrance that is within it.

Wrapped in the aromas of musk ambrette and violet as well as jasmine, pear and sandalwood; thus culminating its olfactory circle with a slightly stronger background of musk, amber and the warm cedar that will make you smell delicious.