Many people take advantage of the festivities of Halloween to share with your family, friends and neighbors in a more creative and crazy way than on other dates. Halloween night gives you the opportunity to take to the streets using costumes creative and mostly scary. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a good costume; These 5 sets will allow you to enjoy the party without spending your entire budget.

1. Dress butterfly

A cute costume available in different colors that resemble the design of the wings of a butterfly. It has a closure on the back and the fabric from which it is made is very soft to the touch.

Featuring a cute corset-style neckline, this costume is perfect for celebrating special occasions like theme parties or festive celebrations. It is one of the designs most wanted for this Halloween, for its simplicity and good price.

2. Full body suit with skeleton design

An imported outfit made from high quality which gives it resistance, at the same time that it makes it soft and comfortable to use. The fabric is breathable enough to keep you cool all the time.

This costume is ideal to go to Halloween gatherings or attend a costume party with your friends. It comes in various designs and colors so you can choose the one you like best.

3. Sexy Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood in its sexy version has a set made entirely with satin cloth. The costume has a wealth of detail such as double ties, a corset neckline, a cape with a shimmer and an over the knee skirt.

The suit includes its own basket and you can combine it with mesh stockings to further highlight your legs. Really is a good option to celebrate not only Halloween but any theme party.

4. Macabre clown of Halloween

A full body suit inspired by a horror clown who will impact at any party or event. It is white with figures in stripes and circles in black, it also has a ruffled neck.

A set that will win you first place in any Halloween costume contest. For a more terrifying effect, you can add certain details with makeup and the odd piece of props.

5. Classic witch with peak hat

A classic witch costume that you can wear during the Halloween festivities. The outfit is made with a black satin and chiffon combination and includes the belt, broom and hat.

This traditional outfit is one of women’s favorites for Halloween parties, where everyone seeks to impact with the most colorful and scary outfit. If you want to feel beautiful and especially bad, this is the set you were looking for.