A fragrance that will make you feel like a celebrity.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most recognized personalities in the world. The television celebrity has managed to build an entire empire under his personal brand, in which he has ventured into makeup, clothes and perfumes. Without a doubt, her eccentric personality and scandals always keep her in public view, and all her products are characterized by being of excellent quality, such as the perfumes that we show you below and that you can enjoy for less than $ 100.

1. Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian perfume

This fragrance has been created with the jacaranda wood infusion and sandalwood that make it a very pleasant smell perfume that lasts for long hours. Its presentation comes in a black glass bottle that gives it a touch of elegance.

The essence evokes a sensual style with crisp top notes, which will reflect your femininity by experiencing the glamor of Kim Kardashian.


Made with nectar from peach and bergamot with notes of jasmine that give it a unique touch to maintain the effect for a long time. It comes in a glass bottle with a replica of the body of its creator.

This fragrance will undoubtedly leave you with a divine smell and wherever you go you will leave an unmistakable trail. As sensual and captivating as Kim herself.

3. Fleur Fatale by Kim Kardashian

This is a fragrance that has in its composition the aroma of woody floral musk with black currants and bergamot. It has some small notes of rose of tea peonies and irises with white musk, sandalwood and amber.

It is undoubtedly a luxurious perfume and with sweet smells that will leave a trail wherever you go. It is a great gift also for that special lady.

4. Kim Kardashian: Pure honey

Kim Kardashian’s fragrance was launched in 2013 by the billionaire businesswoman and has an aroma mixed with roses and honey from wild bees, which makes it a very feminine perfume with sweet touches.

You can use it in your day to day and stimulate all the senses It is a fragrance that has been created with the aroma as sweet as honey, turning out to be the complement for any woman who loves to look beautiful and very chic.

5. Kim Kardashian Gold

This delicious fragrance called Gold, has been specially designed for special and elegant moments. It includes notes of bergamot, grapefruit and pink pepper with floral notes of jasmine, tender rose and wet violet.

It is a luxury perfume that will make you irresistible wherever you go leaving that touch of glamor and elegance with only the aroma that you will leave in each space.