We know it, many of us find it tedious when wash and iron clothes, and that is why on many occasions we decided to opt for the dry cleaner; however, we also know that this can cost us a lot of money. A good way to deal with the discomfort of washing is to have a organized and clean space that facilitate the tasks, such as laundry furniture that we show you below:

1. Cabinet with ironing table and folding baskets

Laundry cabinet with MDF top table, metal frame and wheels. It has a heat resistant canvas cover and storage bags on the bottom.

Move it wherever you want and iron your clothes from any room in the home. Your storage bags are eco-friendly, removable and washable.

2. Laundry cabinet with coat rack Deco Brothers

Laundry cabinet with hanging hook and bags on the bottom. It has a chrome metal frame and its measurements are 33 ″ x 17.7 ″ x 66.7 ″.

3. Rolling coat rack with basket Amazon Basics

AmazonBasics Laundry Butler with Wheels

Laundry cabinet made of durable metal White color. It has a bar to hang garments and a basket at the bottom.

This piece of furniture has a 50 pound total weight capacityPerfect for taking care of your family’s clothes at home.

4. Dirty clothes separating cabinet Hosroomer

Waterproof basket for the clothes. It has 3 compartments and nylon handles for easy transport. Available in beige, wine red and gray.

You can have it in your room, kitchen, closet or any other place to keep clothes in order. Comes with identified compartments to separate white and colored clothing.

5. Folding furniture Reliancer

Furniture made of stainless steel. It has a level at the bottom to organize various objects and a bar to hang clothes on top.

This piece of furniture is a little bigger than the rest, so it will allow you to organize a greater amount of clothing without affecting its stability.