Unrivaled aromas that go with your personality.

When someone hugs us, the first thing they feel is our smell, so it is very important to wear a fragrance that allows us to transmit a pleasant sensation. There are many perfumes that exist for you to choose one with which you can identify. The fragrances of Marc Jacobs They are special since they focus on women and their needs on a daily basis. So today we have selected for you the best five fragrances of this American designer.

1. Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette type Spray

A fragrance that comes in a very elegant presentation due to its sky blue glass container and the pretty flower designs that wrap the lid in a gold ring. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs is a perfume with olfactory notes that include some strong aroma ingredients such as jasmine, litchi, musk and coconut water.

The fragrance is ideal to use in spring or summer due to its floral scent that evokes these wonderful seasons. A high quality perfume that leaves with a delicious aroma on your body and clothing.

2. Decadence of Marc Jacobs

A perfume with a delicious woody scent that you can use to attend important meetings both at work and social. It comes in a cute special edition bottle with an original lid. The fragrance is made up of a mixture of irises, roses, jasmine, saffron, plums, papyrus and ambergris.

Without a doubt, this perfume is for all those daring women who at the same time like exclusive and sweet aromas. You can use it in special occasions or with that special person to totally blow you away the next time they meet.

3. Daisy with floral aromas

The particular aromas of violet petals and the exquisite freshness of strawberries are the basis for Marc Jacobs’ Daisy perfume. A fragrance captivating with velvety touches reinforced with more penetrating ingredients such as gardenia, jasmine and cedar wood.

Enjoy a perfume really sweet and tempting like you. You can take this aroma with you every time you go to places where you are going to share with friends, to go to work or on any outing to a nightclub.

4. Honey Eau De Parfum spray

This is a divine fragrance with sweet aromas from fruits as unmistakable as orange, tangerine and punch. The base is mainly composed of orange and peach with some soft notes of honey, vanilla and wood.

Honey by Marc Jacobs is undoubtedly a perfume that you must have because it is ideal for any occasion and also leaves a divine trail of aromas wherever you go. Its original design is characterized by its butterflies hanging from the glass jar.

5. Oh Lola! from Marc Jacobs

Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs is a perfume with a rich aroma of summer fruits like strawberry, raspberry, grapefruit and pear. Its base has hints of magnolia, sandalwood, peonies and vanilla that give it a sweet touch.

You can find it in a beautiful presentation with its characteristic pink bottle with a pink lid. This fragrance features a splash mechanism for you to spray the correct amount of perfume into All your body.