Keep your skin soft and moisturized even after shaving.

There is nothing more unpleasant for a man than having irritated skin after shaved off, since in addition to being unsightly, it causes discomfort, redness and pain. So that this does not happen, there is a wide range of products for the skin care that you can use before, during and after shaving; like the ones we show you below:

1. Gillette: After Shave moisturizing gel

Pack of 6 units of after shave gel for sensitive skin. The gel has a non-greasy and cold formula, with moisturizing, soothing ingredients and a fresh fragrance.

This gel gives your freshly shaved face a refreshing and maximum smoothness. You get it for under $ 16.

2. The real: Balm with sunscreen

L'Oréal Paris Skincare Men Expert Hydra Energetic Aftershave Balm for Men with Vitamin E, 3.3 fl. oz.

After shave facial balm with Vitamin E and sun protection SPF 15. Does not contain alcohol and does not produce allergies or irritation.

This balm combats the 5 main discomforts that arise after shaving: burns, tightness, irritation, redness and excessive dryness. It is recommended to apply after shaving by face and neck.

3. Provence: Cream with natural ingredients

Cream made from shea butter and oil, grape seed oil and aloe vera. It has an aromatic, warm fragrance with notes of spices.

This cream helps relieve irritation of the skin caused by shaving and some soaps. Apply a small amount to your face after each shave, spreading it with small massages.

4. After Shave balm by Majestic Pure

After Shave Balm for Men with Sandalwood Essential Oil by Majestic Pure - Moisturizing and Nourishing Aftershave Lotion, for Silky Smooth Shaving, 4 fl oz

Special after shave balm made mainly with sandalwood oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. Apt to all skin types.

This oil with natural components helps calm the skin, relieves it from inflammation and irritation while maintaining it fresh and hydrated.

5. Cream balm American shaving

American Shaving After Shave Balm For Men (4oz) - Sandalwood Barbershop Scent - 100% Natural Moisturizing Aftershave Lotion - Best Aftershave For Men to Soothe Dry Sensitive Skin Post Shave

After shave balm made with natural ingredients and without alcohol. It has a pleasant aroma of wood and sandalwood. It can be used on all skin types and at any age.

Soothe and refresh your face after shaving with a machine or razor. Apply it evenly all over the skin and feel its effect instantly.