An appliance that will help you a lot in the kitchen.

Cooking requires time, passion and disposition. Any cook, expert or novice, knows that in order to make a good dish, it is necessary to have a series of steps and ingredients, which merit attention and dedication. However, our busy routines can complicate our task, since we usually do not have the weather that we would like to be able to complete our preparations. An easy and practical alternative are microwave oven, which allow you cook or heat different types of food to reduce your time in the kitchen without compromising the quality of your food. Take a look at these options for less than $ 100 and choose your favorite:

1. Toshiba: multipurpose microwave oven

Microwave model multipurpose 0.9 cubic feet deep. It has 900 watts of power with 10 operating settings.

This microwave oven also has an optimal timer kitchen and defrost by time or weight, digital control panel with interior LED light, glass turntable and black stainless steel exterior.

2. Daewoo: microwave with vintage look

Microwave-style oven retro. It has a concave reflex system (C.R.S) and 4 automatic cooking menus. Likewise, it has a 36-inch electrical cable length and bi-directional defrosting.

What stands out most about this microwave oven are its 5 power levels of up to 700 W. Manufactured with metal and sturdy plastic. Its dimensions are 12.7 x 17.6 x 10.6 inches.

3. Comfee ’: high quality microwave oven

Microwave oven made with metal high quality. It has 700 watts with 11 power settings, clock and kitchen timer. Its dimensions are 17.3 ″ x 13 ″ x 10.2 ″.

In turn, this microwave has a large digital screen LED, easy to read control panel, eco mode, interior light, removable glass turntable and mute button.

4. BLACK + DECKER: large capacity microwave

Microwave oven digital 900 watt with 10 power settings, clock and kitchen timer. In turn, it has 30 seconds of express cooking.

It features an optimal easy-to-read control panel, lock of child safety and a large digital LED display. In addition to having an interior light, a removable 10.6 ″ glass turntable and a door open button for easy access.

5. RCA: stainless steel microwave oven

Robust microwave oven made with steel high quality stainless. It features 1.1 cu. Ft. With 10 power levels and a child lock, plus a soft-touch electronic control panel and a convenient automatic cook menu.

East oven microwave stands out for its dishwasher-safe removable glass turntable, which allows uniform heating for all types of food. Likewise, it has a digital clock and kitchen timer.