The makeup It is a tool that makes women feel as beautiful on the outside as on the inside, and there is a wide range of specialized products for each type of skin. Over time, our face undergoes some changes, which we can attenuate using the correct products of makeup. This is why below we present you the best mineral powders formulated so that women over 40 look younger and more beautiful skin.

1. BareMinerals: Loose Powder with Sunscreen

Original Mineral Veil Broad Spectrum SPF25 6 Gram

This mineral powder ultra fine Blurs the appearance of pores. Its weightless formula helps you wear makeup longer. In addition, it contains a broad spectrum protective veil SPF25.

With the fine lines of this powder, your face looks with a smooth finish similar to the airbrush instantly. The skin on your face looks fresh, smooth and youthful, and your makeup will also have a professional appearance.

2. Priori: All-Natural Mineral Loose Powders


All natural minerals for protection, correction and perfection optimal adapted to the needs of your skin. Improves the appearance of smooth lines and wrinkles, hides blemishes and blemishes.

Your skin will extract exactly what is needed for coverage smoother complexion and more durable. Its results are long-lasting and coverage is long-lasting, it also includes sunscreen.

3. Virginic: Powder Matte Mineral Facial


Viginic Matte Translucent Mineral Powder for your makeup foundation has a wonderful spray finish formulated with pure coverage and vegan.

Any signs of age, stain, or blemish are finished with this durable mineral powder. It also controls the brightness of your skin, eliminating pore appearance and allowing your makeup to be more durable.

4. Mehron: Loose Mineral Powder with matte finish

Mehron Makeup Celebre Loose Mineral Finish Powder

Is a luxurious dust loose that perfectly complements our foundation. Its unique formula improves sliding and adhesion. It is available in 5 matte shades to suit all skin tones.

This ultra-fine loose powder provides the final touch that perfects and fixes your makeup for that perfect coverage, you just have to apply it gently with a brush and in circular movements.

5. Mineral Wear: Talc Free Loose Powder


With the coverage of a base and the natural finish of a loose facial powder in one step, this loose powder can be used only to tint excess oil and an even t

Its bar with a kabuki brush or powder brush, alone or over makeup, improves the tone of your skin and correct blemishes. For more sensitive or break-prone skin, its minimalist formula helps reduce irritation and breakout.

If you want to know more about the use of loose powder in mature skinWe leave you this video with the best recommendations: