Protect yourself against bites and allergies with these repellents.

Sometimes a mosquito net is not enough to repel mosquitoes, since its use is limited at the time of sleeping. That is why you must use other alternatives to keep these insects away, and one of them is repellents, of which we are going to recommend those that work for all kinds of skin, especially those sensitive.

1. All Terrain: mosquito repellent based on natural oils

All Terrain has an insect repellent based on natural oils, 100% free of toxic elements and is friendly to the environment.

The best thing about this repellent is that it’s perfect for kidsIt has broad spectrum protection without affecting your skin. Enjoy the outdoors with your family without worrying about a possible allergy.

2. Bug Soother: mosquito repellent pack

Bug Soother’s mosquito repellent pack is made oil-based of a mixture of vanilla and fresh lemon aromas. The best thing is that it does not leave oily residues like other products.

Repels a wide variety of insects such as: mosquitoes, sand flies, black flies and others. Safe for adults, children, pets and the environment.

3. Amazing Cedar: repellent and stain remover

Amazing Cedar has a pack made with organic activated cedar and essential oils. Repels for hours and leaves no residue or odor. It consists of a pump without aerosol, alcohol-free and long-lasting ecological effect.

The best thing about this repellent is that it is also a stain remover made with Vermont cedar oil. Suitable for children and pets. With its use you will protect yourself against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants, biting flies and more.

Mosquito guard: light and non-greasy repellent

Mosquito Guard mosquito repellent contains natural ingredients of vegetable origin such as citronella oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil and geranium.

The spray is non-greasy, it feels light and it smells fresh on the skin. Use it when you go to spend a day in the park, camping, hiking or just resting on the patio with the family.

5. Sawyer Products: sweat-resistant mosquito repellent

Sawyer Products has a repellent with 20% DEET. It comes in a 4 ounce package and is designed to be compatible with the use of sunscreen.

It is a non-greasy, odorless and sweat resistant. Its protective effect lasts for up to 11 hours in all kinds of weather conditions.