Say goodbye to annoying facial hair with these special creams.

There is nothing more annoying for women than facial hair, especially when it appears on the upper part of the lip. Removing it with razors can irritate your skin and you can even cut yourself, not to mention it can cause hair grow even thicker. Using wax is a good option, but it is painful and hurts the skin. That is why this time we show you the best depilatory creams to remove the mustache hair quickly and safely:

1. Olay: depilatory cream with protective balm

Depilatory cream and protective balm They work together To gently remove medium to thick facial hair from the upper lip, chin, cheek, and jaw in two easy steps.

Leave your skin soft, smooth and visibly hair-free. It features an easy-to-use, two-step facial hair removal system that transforms your skin in just 8 minutes.

2. Nair: exfoliating hair removal cream

Based sweet almonds, the depilatory cream removes facial hair below the surface of the skin.

It removes your hair in a way easy, fast and painless. In addition, it gently exfoliates your skin leaving it smooth and radiant.

3. Avon: depilatory cream without perfume

Depilatory cream without perfume, with Aloe vera and meadowfoam oil, it is perfect for sensitive skin.

Easily removes the facial hair on your face. Your skin will be smooth and radiant after application.

4. GiGi: depilatory kit for face

This depilatory kit includes two products: depilatory cream and soothing balm. They have a pleasant aroma, similar to cucumber that fades once you remove the product. Plus, it covers a larger area and feels less invasive.

The cream is very smooth, it does not irritate the skin and is totally effective. The balm on the other hand, lightens pain while hydrating your skin.

5. Sally Hansen: depilatory kit based on natural ingredients

Formulated with vitamin E and pumpkin seeds. The kit is perfect for face and body, it works for large and small areas, from the upper lip to the lower legs.

It is quick and painless, easy to apply. The best thing is that it will help you reduce the appearance of hair.